May 2, 2019


Q. Is it possible to run Reports on multiple Events?

 A. Yes, you can select any event and go to the Reports tab. From there, you can choose a Report to run, and then click the check boxes next to the Events to choose which Events you would like to run the Report on.

Q. What is the difference between the Activity Log Report and the Activity Log tab?

 A. Use the Report to display a concise view of an event's volunteer schedule. This should also be your final view of an event's volunteer plan. The Report displays an event in two formats: 1) The traditional row- column model just like the sign-up sheet and 2) a detailed one slot per row model. If you press the button to open the report in Excel, the report is downloaded into Excel. View the Log to see exactly when volunteers signed up, confirmed, cancelled, or received system warnings. Use the Log to research any difficulties that could arise in the process of signing up volunteers, such as where a volunteer, who failed to confirm, attempted to volunteer.

Q. Can I see what date/time volunteers signed up?

 A. The Administrator can view this information in the Activity Log tab of the Event. Additionally, the Administrator can view the Activity Log report available in Reports.

Q. Is there a way to run a report on any unfilled slots?

A.  Under the Organization page click on the Reports Tab, select the Sign In Sheet Report, the Signup Sheet, or the One Slot Per Row Reports, and under the Options, click on the button next to "Include unfilled slots" as well as any other criteria you would like to have on the report.  Click on the events you would like to run the report on, and then click on the Run Report button at the top of the page.

Q. How can I print Name Badges for my Volunteers to wear at my event?

A. Go into the Reports tab, and select the Name Badges report.  Choose the format, PDF or Excel spreadsheet; the Sort/Group option, Name or Date; the Page Size, Avery 5390 or Avery 5395; and the Date Range.  Then choose from these options to display on the Name Badges:

  • Show event name
  • Show task name.  Pages are separated by task so if, for example, your tasks were booths or stations, you could send people to the task station to receive their name badge
  • Show participant first name. This is on by default.
  • Show participant last name. This is on by default
  • Show participant title
  • Show logo
  • Nameless badges. A badge with no name you might use for walk-ins.  Clicking on Nameless badges will deselect participant name options and prompt for the number of badges you would like printed per sheet.  Deselecting will return participant name options to default.

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