An account provides your own volunteer sign up website with your organization’s logo or banner. But sometimes, you may need more than one place for prospective participants to go, depending on who they are.

Do you manage volunteer groups that are completely separate from each other? For example, maybe you coordinate events for a school that needs to sign up students, parents, and community volunteers separately for different sets of opportunities. Or maybe you need a page for opportunities that you share privately with trained staff instead of adding them to your public home page. has many features to help you sign up, sort, and manage different volunteer groups. One is the ability to create database groups and add participants to them either automatically or manually. Another is the ability to add all the members of a database group to a signup slot. However, what if you want to give each group its own signup “home”?

Multiple Home Pages for Volunteer Sign Up

Good news! You can have more than one volunteer sign up hub under your account.

setup in for secondary home page to sign up volunteer group of students

After logging in as an administrator, go to Organization > Home Pages. With a Standard or Premium account, you’ll see the button + Add Home Page. Click the button to create a new home page. Then click on the new home page tab to edit its settings.

By default, a secondary home page will appear as a sub-tab on your main ivolunteer home page. However, the Visibility / Accessibility dropdown lets you hide the home page so that it is accessible only by people who have the direct URL. (You can also disable the page until you are ready to use it.)

Another option is to add a descriptive Unique ID. That ID becomes part of the home page’s URL. For example, in our 79ware account, the home page with the Unique ID “students” would be accessible by this URL:

Note that each home page has its own Welcome Message field. There you can add both text and images (such as a logo or banner) to personalize the page.

Assigning Signup Events to a Home Page

How do you add a signup opportunity to a home page? You get to decide where each of your signup Events “lives.”

After you create an Event, go to Event Details & Actions > Info. In the options at the top right of that tab, you will see a dropdown list labeled “Show on Organization Home Page or Hide.” There you can select a secondary home page to assign your Event to. You can also select multiple home pages or none (hidden). offers a wide variety of ways to configure your volunteer sign ups. Email us if you have any questions!