What is ivolunteer.com?

ivolunteer.com is an online tool for signing up, scheduling, communicating with, and managing volunteers or participants for any events or activities hosted by your organization. ivolunteer.com helps administrators save time, increase participation, and have greater confidence that commitments will be fulfilled.

Why choose ivolunteer.com

Our Story

The ivolunteer.com story started with founder and developer Tad Woods’ own volunteer efforts here in Roanoke, Virginia. Tad became involved with the Square Society, an all-volunteer organization that raises money to help support the arts, science, and cultural development in the Roanoke Valley.

The Square Society’s main charity fundraiser is Microfestivus, an annual microbrewery festival. Tad was shocked to see that volunteers for this highly popular event were still passing around a paper sign-up sheet. An enterprise-level software developer, Tad decided to apply his professional skills to the task of improving and streamlining the Square Society’s signup process.

Thus ivolunteer.com was born.

Our software has undergone many changes and improvements over the years, including a few changes in branding. You can see the evolution of our name and logo on this page.

Along the way, Tad teamed up with fellow expert software developer and long-time colleague Paul Stalvey to enhance and refine the product for use by a wide variety of organizations worldwide. Like Tad, Paul is not only a developer of ivolunteer.com; he uses our service regularly himself.

Paul’s wife Jenny, whose background is in finance and administration, also joined the team to maintain the books.

Paul and Tad then brought on board another long-time colleague, Jody Frank, to help support our customers with technical documentation, an updated website, and phone and email support.

Last but definitely not least, a canine team member brightens up the ivolunteer.com office. Tad and his wife Tammy recently welcomed Charley into their household, but she — yep, Charley is a girl — has a strong work ethic and likes to come to work with Tad. When we’re not programming new features or supporting our customers, Charley keeps us active with aerobic games of “fetch.”

Our Customers

We love our customers! They run the gamut from small volunteer organizations to schools, churches, large corporations, and even police departments.

In recent years, ivolunteer has truly gone global with customers around the world.

Paul, Tad, Jody, and the rest of the ivolunteer.com crew are always working to improve our subscription-based service to meet the real-life challenges and feature requests of our customers. Customer privacy and security have always been mainstays of the ivolunteer.com system.

Our Plans for ivolunteer.com

Speed, mobile friendliness, kiosk-style signup, and role-based administration are a few of the enhancements we have developed over time. Additionally, we are working to better connect our customers with each other as a supportive community.

If you have a participant signup and scheduling challenge, odds are high that at least one of our customers has already worked with us to find a great solution to a similar problem.

In 2023, we made major improvements to the interface of ivolunteer.com, including the addition of our template-based New Event Wizard to simplify the creation of signup opportunities. Stay tuned for more updates!

ivolunteer.com Service Marks

Like our service itself, ivolunteer.com has changed and evolved over time. You may recognize us by:

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