Sometimes, you may have a group of volunteers who will perform the same tasks across multiple days. If you are adding the volunteers to the tasks yourself, you can use the Database features of to speed up this process:

This example assumes you are an Organization Administrator with access to the database and that you want to add a group of people to the same slots across three days:

  1. Go to the Database menu and create a group with the people you want to add to each of these days.
  2. Under the Events menu in the Manage tab, use the Add From DB button on the slot where you want to add the group of people.
  3. Use the Group Filter to filter the list to your volunteer group you created in the database.
  4. Use the select all checkbox to check off everyone in the group.
  5. Click OK.  This will add everyone selected in the database to that slot.

You will have to do this 3 times (once for each of your slots), but it is much faster than entering the names into the slots one at a time.