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New Email Features to Our Online Volunteer Management Software

Invitation Emails

You can now send email invitations to participants for your event from the new Send Email tab. 

The Send Email tab is located within the event, and is where you can send and schedule invitations to the event, reminder emails and thank you emails.

To schedule an Invitation email to your volunteers after your event is set up, go to the Send Email tab > Invitations to Volunteer tab and click on the "Send or Schedule" button. Choose whether you will send the email as soon as it's finished, or schedule it to go out at a later date.

Then choose which volunteers in your database you'd like to send the invitation to. You can choose to send to all database participants, or to just a group in your database. Compose your invitation email, using the template provided, or create your own!

If you want to see how the invitation will look when volunteers open it, send a test email, or if you're ready to schedule the email to go out, click the "Schedule" button. If you have chosen to send the email as soon as possible, the "Schedule" button will be replaced with a "Send Now" button.