I love ivolunteer.com. It has enabled our festival to move away from paper-based signup sheets that were kept (and, often lost) by our committee chairpersons. It also helps everyone involved with the Festival keep abreast of what committees are struggling to find volunteers. What I love most about ivolunteer.com, is that it continually improves the functionality of the site. And, it is flexible enough to enable me to change the way our signups work, based on the needs of a specific committee. For example, for one committee, I don’t want the members of our database to sign up. Instead, I need external volunteers. I can set up ivolunteer.com to prevent certain people from signing up for those activities. For a potluck dinner event, I added a field prompting the volunteer to provide information about the dish that he or she is bringing. The only limitation to this product is your imagination.

This tool has been so successful for our organization, I was recently recruited by another local event to set up an ivolunteer.com site for them. In the next couple of weeks, I will be getting the details about how the Barefoot in the Park event wants to use ivolunteer.com.

I like ivolunteer.com so much, that I have put together a slide presentation about it that I am planning on presenting to annual meeting of the Southeastern Festival and Events organization. I am eager to share what I have learned to others who have similar jobs.