Managing volunteers is always about the “what if” scenario.  Planning ahead is a key to being prepared for success regardless of the stumbles along the way.  What if we do not have enough volunteers, what if we have too many volunteers, what if we are not as busy as expected?  Be prepared for the least number of volunteers for the duties and for more volunteers than assignments. 

What if there are not enough volunteers?  Communicate ahead to the volunteers that did sign up that they may have additional duties and explain what that may look like.  Letting them know in advance will give them an opportunity to inform you if there is anything that would keep them from performing the duty. 

What if too many volunteers show up?  Wonderful!  Be prepared to assign some additional assignments that are meaningful and will enhance the flow of the event.  Knowing ahead of time what additional duties volunteers can assist with during an event will keep them engaged and increase the likelihood they will volunteer for you again.

What if the event is not as busy as expected?  Encourage volunteers to get to know each other.  Create a fun game they can play at their station to fill the time and allow them to connect.  Do not send them home, make the experience memorable so they will sign up again. volunteer management software can help you prepare for some of the “what if” scenarios.  The consultation services we offer can help you customize your online sign up form to address your needs wants and those dreaded “what if” situations.