Associate manager to particular tasks

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Associate manager to particular tasks

We set up notifications for when someone cancelled a shift, but it went to all admins. As we have a large committee overseeing our event, I'd like the system to send the notification for Task A to the Task A managers (and perhaps some uber admins), with cancellations for Task B to go to a different set of people.

Administrators are assigned at the event level

Currently you can only assign Administrators at the Event level, not the Task level. An administrator assigned to an Event will receive emial related to all of the Event's tasks.

You can consolidate or disable email (confirmaitons, cancellations, reminder reports, and replies/bouncebacks) to all of the administrators that are assigned to a specific Event under Settings > Emails. Or you can consolidate or disable all of hte email to a specific administrator under Organization > Administrators.

If you do split up your tasks as separate events you can still run reports that will consolidate multiple events into a single report.

I have added "filtering administrators" at the Task level as a feature request, however at this time I don't have any estimate on when we would be able to consider that.


Emailing task leads

Perhaps another approach, as our Task and Subtask Leads do not have Administrator access, is to add a field for a subtask called 'lead' and then have the options to have emails sent to them if they exist when a new volunteer is added or cancels.