Michele, Volunteer Coordinator, Valrico, FL

We have already had so many volunteers signing up and I’ve had absolutely NO PROBLEMS!  🙂  I love your website and find that it is very easy to navigate.

Jim, Communications & Operations Director, GoodSamaritan Network, Fishers, IN

We are very happy with the way ivolunteer.com sign-up works for GoodSamaritan Network in coordinating the numerous events, countless jobs and hours for our volunteer online sign-up capabilities. Our volunteers feel it is quick and simple…and we feel it was easy to set up and works wonderfully well by allowing us to focus on the …

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Marty, Web Admin, San Jose, CA

I searched high and low for a tool like yours and can tell you, that from what I see, ivolunteer.com is everything I was looking for and FAR more.

Lisianne, Volunteer Coordinator – Notre Dame High School, San Jose, CA

For the past 7 months, ivolunteer.com has saved us countless hours by providing our high-school with a fantastic online service to recruit and coordinate volunteers for a wide variety of school events. Recently, we also used it to schedule parent-counselor meetings. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive and the administration of events is simple and …

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Setting Up a Recurring Event

Many organizations have a need to set up recurring volunteer slots. In other words, their ivolunteer.com “Event” is not a single event but a regular volunteer signup need over time. In an Event’s Signup Design tab, you can create a Task that spans one or more weeks or an entire calendar month. These options are …

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Copy an Event

Problem: Events take a long time to set up. You spent a ton of time getting the instructions, settings, structure, slot times, reminders, thank you emails set up for an event.  Now you want to set up this same or a very similar event for next week. Solution: Re-use your work from the last event. …

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Block of Slots

The Problem: Single Signup for Multiple Slots You’re setting up an event where you have/need a finite number of resources, and you have volunteers who can consume/provide more than one of those resources each. Examples: You have limited seating at an event, and you want to allow people to bring friends with them. You only …

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Reviews on Capterra

ivolunteer.com would love to thank Ebony Wright for reviewing us on Capterra. We appreciate the thought and time you took to give us a review! For others who would like to leave us a review and feedback on Capterra, go to http://www.capterra.com/volunteer-management-software/spotlight/137988/iVolunteerOnline/79ware. We really enjoy hearing from our customers on how their experience with us has …

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Thank you Wild Apricot!

Wow! We are so grateful to Wild Apricot for adding us to their list of free volunteer management software tools. We are honored to be on the list, as we strive to provide quality service tailored to your organization’s needs. Check out the list on Wild Apricot’s site here: http://www.wildapricot.com/blogs/newsblog/2009/08/19/free-volunteer-management-software