The Care and Keeping of Your Volunteers

In this peak season of outdoor volunteerism, it’s a great time to remind ourselves how to make sure all our volunteers stay happy and healthy!

  1. Provide shady spots where your volunteers will be working so they can get out of the sun
  2. Make sure there is water readily available, or remind your volunteers to bring plenty of their own water
  3. Emphasize sunscreen. Being out in the sun is great until you come back with a bright red burn and the inability to sit or move comfortably. Sunscreen limits how many burns people come home with, and helps reduce the risk of skin cancer!
  4. Bug spray - ticks have been a nuisance these past few years and the season starts earlier and earlier as time goes on. No one wants to deal with icky ticks. And of course other bugs and creepy crawlies are safer away from you volunteers.
    • You may want to set up a station with extra sunscreen and bug spray for volunteers who forgot or need to reapply. Even the most seasoned volunteer can accidentally leave an important skin and health-care step out of their day when getting to their volunteer station.
  5. Have options for fun where your volunteers are stationed. Nothing makes for low morale more than standing in the hot sun, with little ability to cool yourself off, and nothing to distract you from how sweaty you may be. Music, games, and more can make working a little more enjoyable no matter where you are or what you’re doing!
  6. Reward your volunteers for a hard day’s work. Even just a simple but heartfelt thank you for their time can mean a lot to someone who gave their free time to help your organization out. provides a means of sending Thank You emails to your volunteers after your event is over, or after their job has been finished, so they know you appreciated their help.

We want to wish everyone a safe, happy and fantastic summer!