Event Déjà vu

Non-profits successful events often become quarterly, annual or a series of event.  Ivolunteer.com allows Volunteer Managers to reuse past events so you do not need to recreate the wheel.

Reusing Past Events

The best way to reuse a past event is to copy it. This creates a new event with the same sign up sheets and settings of the previous event but without any volunteers. When you assign the copy a new date, all of the dates in the event will be adjusted relative to the new date.

Additionally by keeping the old event untouched you can continue to use it as a reference and run volunteer reports from it. When you delete volunteers from an event you lose this ability.

To copy an event, select the event you would like to re-use. Then, go above the list of your events and find the “Copy” button.

When you click this button, you will be prompted to change the Event Name, the Unique ID, and the Event Start Date. When you’ve filled in the information, click the “OK” button at the bottom of the form. If you didn’t change any information, you can always go back to the Details page and change necessary information.

Copying events can save you time, and can make gathering data from your events easier. 

*Note: This does not include dates in any of the text areas of your events, including Column and Row headers outside of the date field, in the top instructions, etc.
For example: if you put in your Column header “This slot is for February 14th, 2014” but you did not put the date in the date field of the column header, the date in the text box would not change when you changed the start date of your event. You will have to go into the column header and change that date manually to the correct date.


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