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Using Tasks in an Event

Every event starts with one task. The tasks are where your signup sheets are located. You can have multiple tasks in an event, which help you break down and section off your event as needed. This can be helpful if you have a long event spanning several weeks or months. If you have several different jobs in an event it can help break down the event into those separate jobs as well. Here are some examples:

The example above shows an event that spans several weeks. The tasks are broken down by week, with the dates in the column headers. All the different jobs and shifts are in the row headers.


Here is a similar set up to the previous event. It is an event that spans several weeks, but with multiple jobs that have different shifts throughout the weeks. The tasks for each week are also set up to "Display below previous task" which gives a more streamlined view for volunteers, but allows you to manage each task separately. This setting can be found in the "More Task Options" menu of each task after the first.

This event has each task as a specific job in the event. Each task has a calendar for the month-long event.

There are many different ways to set up tasks in an event. These are just some of the various ways you can create your tasks to do what you need. You can also use Custom Prompts, changing the settings, using the More Task Options within the task and many more things to customize your event.

Watch our videos on Creating a New Event and How Dates Work to learn more.


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