Tell Them Your Story

Volunteers are a great resource in collecting stories.  They are on the front line and hear or see stories of how your organization has made an impact on the community.  Use your online volunteer management software to collect information after an event or solicit information after a volunteer shift while the story is still fresh in their mind. 

Take a look at #DonorLove webinar on how to use stories to solicit more volunteers and more donors.

You do NOT want to miss Vanessa Chase Lockshin's #DonorLove webianr: “Steward Your Donors With Stories”.

#DonorLove is all about storytelling and in the webinar, Vanessa Chase Lockshin will show you how to seamlessly incorporate stories into your non-profit's stewardship touch points. You'll learn how to use stories in impact reports and thank you letters. This webinar will discuss key ideas for telling stories that delight donors and helps them feel more connected to the work.
 Learning outcomes:
- Why stories are essential content for great stewardship
- 4 keys to telling a great story, plus the most important element every stewardship story must have
- How to tell a story in a thank you letter
- How to tell a story in an impact report

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