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Non-profits are always watching the bottom line.Development Officers are always looking for donations whether monetary or inkind donations.  Here is a chance to try out new avenue for collecting donations for FREE!  V
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Points of Light captures the benefits of volunteering.  People are aware how volunteering helps others, but it can help you too!  Read this article from Points of Light.
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Winter is for New Year's Revolutions and Spring is for implementation.  Volunteering is a great way to not only support a worthy charity, but to improve your life.  If you told yourself you will exercise more this
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Volunteer Managers do not have an easy task.  When you are concerned you need to find volunteers to do a task that is not on the hot list, remember this story.  Be creative with your online volunteer management softwa
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Points of Light News Digest - March 25, 2016
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Take a few minutes to read the article below.  A link to the full article is listed below.  This is a great explanation of how non-profits touch us all. 
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Volunteer Managers, please share this with the development department. is a great volunteer management software but we can also set up your account to accept payments.  What a great way to combine camp
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Volunteer Managers reside in the sometimes crazy world of non-profit. understands the long hours and sometimes intense environment of your world.  That is why sometimes we just like to share articles a
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Volunteer Recruitment is in itself a full time job for Volunteer Managers.  Where can you find new volunteers?  In earlier blogs, colleges was listed as a great resource.  That is true but there are other places
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Using Tasks in an Event
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Engaging your volunteers helps your organizations bottom line more than you think.  The best way to engage your volunteers is to make them a part of the success stories.  Utilize the e-mail features in your online vol
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Why is whether or not to comma upsetting so many people?  We are in a world of constantly changing trends and it is not always clear which ones to follow and which ones to ignore.  For Volunteer Managers, this may dep
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We've added some features that will make using easier! Mobile Version is Live!
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Non-profits successful events often become quarterly, annual or a series of event. allows Volunteer Managers to reuse past events so you do not need to recreate the wheel.
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Confirmation EmailsThere are two kinds of Confirmation Emails, Required Confirmation and Confirmation Notification.Required Confirmation
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