The Admin Dashboard

October 10, 2018

The Dashboard admin page shows the status of your events and your ivolunteer.com subscription at a glance. This page is automatically updated every 30 seconds with the latest information about your events.

The Dashboard page is divided into four sections:

  • Announcements – This section (when shown) will inform you about new features, service availability, tips and other ivolunteer.com related announcements.
  • Active Events – This shows you all of the events you currently have active and includes an update of how many slots remain open.
  • Subscription – Shows the current status of your Subscription. Note: Anything in red may require your attention.
  • Recent Activity – Shows the past 20 actions. E.g. Administrator login, slot confirmations & cancellations, emails being sent.

Organization Administrator Login

(The YourID part of YourID.ivolunteer.com)