Event Dialog Messages

October 30, 2018

These Event Settings allow you to modify Signup and Event Availability messages, as needed. Click on each message type to view and modify the default message.

  • Signup Messages: These messages show up when a volunteer goes to sign up for a slot.
  • Email Verification Instructions:┬áThis message tells the volunteer how to confirm by clicking on the link in the Confirmation email they receive when Required Confirmations are turned on.
  • Auto-Confirmation Instructions: This message tells the volunteer that they have been automatically confirmed because they were confirmed for a previous slot, or because confirmations are not required.
  • Slot Just Taken: This message informs the volunteer that the slot they were trying to sign up for has been taken by another volunteer. This can happen when volunteers sign up for the same slot at the same time, but one volunteer’s submission goes through faster than the other’s.
  • Event Availability Messages: These messages are shown when someone visits the signup sheet, depending on the current state of the event.
    • Event Not Active: This message shows when a volunteer goes to the URL for an event, and the event has not been activated yet.
    • Event Finished: This message is shown when someone is viewing a link to an event that has an end date in the past. This can happen if someone navigates to an old event signup sheet (possibly from a bookmark) for an event that has ended.
    • Event Signups Have Not Started: This message shows when a volunteer goes to sign up for an event for which the signup start date is in the future.
    • Event Signups Finished: This message shows when a volunteer goes to signup for an event for which the signup end date has passed.
    • Event is Password Protected Login: This message shows when you password protect an event. Provides field for your volunteer to enter the password for the event.

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