Groups Tab

October 10, 2018

The Groups tab lets you sort your volunteers into groups to send email, to restrict volunteering, or for just maintaining sanity.

  • Groups List (left side): The list of all your groups you have created. If you have not created any groups, this will be empty.
  • Add Button: Use to create a new group
  • Edit Button: Use to modify a group name or remove a group
  • Group Members List
  • Add Members Button: Use to add members to the group from the entire database, or filter by other group
  • Add Members from Event(s) Button: Use to add members to the group from current and past events
  • Remove Selected Members Button: Will remove all selected members from the group
  • Refresh Button: Get the latest entries into a group.
  • Administrators: Select which Event Administrators have access to email a selected group.

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