Reports Tab

October 10, 2018

The Reports tab under Organization Details allows you to output data from multiple events to an Excel spreadsheet, HTML format, or a PDF. Choose the report format from the drop-down, check all of the events to include, and select the desired report to view by clicking on the appropriate button.

administrative reports

The following reports are available:

  • Administrators: A report that shows all of your Administrators, their Role, and the Events they are administering.
  • Activity Log: A log of all of the activity in your Organization. This can also be seen on the Dashboard menu.
  • Detailed Report: Displays one record for each and every slot in an event.
  • Detailed Report (Optimized for Excel): The same as the One Slot Per Row report, but will be exported directly to an Excel Spreadsheet.
  • Name Badges: A report for creating Name Badges for an event.
  • Participation: Shows participant information and commitments for an event or events.
  • Payment Log: For Premium accounts, provides a detailed log of participant transactions submitted through payment gateways.
  • Sign In Sheet: A sign in sheet to use at your event so you can log your volunteers’ attendance.
  • Sign In Sheet (Optimized for Excel): The same as the Sign In Sheet report, but will be exported directly to an Excel Spreadsheet.
  • Signup Sheet: a hard copy of the signup sheet you designed using ivolunteer.com.
  • Signup Progress: Reports weekly and cumulative totals of the number of participants signed up each week since sign-up scheduling started.

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