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bounce back emails

How will I know if an email address has been entered incorrectly. I think there is a way for me to see bounce back emails, but I can't seem to find the reference.

Incorrectly entered email addresses

Exactly what happens depends on how incorrectly the address is entered. iVolunteer generally prevents formatting errors up front. Otherwise if the format is correct but the address is invalid, it usually depends on the receiving e-mail server...

If a volunteer enters an invalid address during sign-up, hopefully her or she will realize that they did not receive the confirmation e-mail, and sign-up again. iVolunteer will show that volunteer as an unconfirmed volunteer, so your administrator may want to follow up.

If an administrator enters an invalid e-mail address, it will depend on what the receiving e-mail system does with the invalid address. If the receiving system does generate a bounce-back message, such as "no such mailbox," then either the administrator and/or the event contact can be notified by e-mail. That setting can be enabled for each event under the Settings tab and Emails subtab. If the receiving system ignores the e-mail without responding, then there is no automatic way that you will know. If the invalid address happens to be someone else's valid mailbox, it will depend on what that invidividual does. For example, if they report it as spam, we will get a warning from our e-mail provider (treat it as an opt-out request as required by law) and forward that warning to your primary administrator.

As for bulk e-mail that you send out of iVolunteer, such as reminders, the administrator gets an e-mail report that attempts to let you know at least whether the initial sending of the e-mail was successful.