We used ivolunteer.com for our work with client Xcel Energy on their annual event, the Xcel Energy Day of Service. With the goal of engaging 1,000 community members across the state of Colorado, ivolunteer.com was a cost effective way for us to organize volunteer event options (with lots of logistical information) in one platform. Community members with questions about the event options could all be directed to one platform that housed all the information.

ivolunteer.com is very customizable. The ability to customize the landing page, the event pages, as well as correspondence with event attendees along with the aid and assurance of a customer service rep. was a tailored combination we couldn’t find from other vendors. My favorite feature is the customized automated response. Within less than 24 hours we were able to send personalized thank you notes to each of our nine event location groups thus, thanking hundreds of volunteers when it mattered most. 

I couldn’t have asked for better customer service from the ivolunteer.com team. They worked with us each step of the way, customizing our event pages until they were perfect. The team was always available if we had a question about managing our event pages and worked with us extensively to optimize the platform’s capabilities to our needs. I would recommend ivolunteer.com and their consultation services to other organizations. When working with organizations that have limited budget, ivolunteer.com is a great cost-effective and customizable tool that is very user-friendly. Their consultation services ensure the user piece of mind when executing any volunteer project or event.