can a confirmation email be sent when an administrator sign-up a volunteer?

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can a confirmation email be sent when an administrator sign-up a volunteer?

Hi Tad, I guess it must be your weekend. I have been trying out the sign-ups and every time I put a person into a slot, through the Manage tab, I get a pop up that says they have been 'Confirmed by Administrator'. Is there a way to turn that off so that they will receive the confirmation email. I want them to go to their summary page and fill out all the prompts that I didn't do for them.

Setting up volunteers

When you, as the administrator, add a volunteer in the Manage tab, you have the option in that "Confirmed by Administrator" dialog to send the volunteer a notification e-mail. That notification e-mail will include a link to the participant's page where he or she can indeed go and enter any additional information that you left blank. It might help to customize the notification e-mail (under Settings > Emails > Confirmation Notification Template) to clarify to the volunteer that you want them to do that.

While you can do that, and it should work (some of our customers do), that isn't the intended flow for signing up volunteers using iVolunteer. The intended flow is to create the event sign-up sheet, then e-mail your pool of volunteers the link to that event (or publish it on your web site or Facbook page, etc.) and let the volunteers sign themselves up. One of the significant philosophies of iVolunteer is to let your volunteers choose which slot(s) to sign-up for, and achieve greater participation that way. Furthermore this keeps the administrator from having to create the list of volunteers, as it is created automatically as your volunteers sign themselves up. Then the Manage tab was intended for the administrator to monitor sign-up status, make limited changes and add a few volunteers who might not have computer access, etc.

In other words, there currently is no explicit "set up a volunteer" feature, which it sounds like you are trying to do. Instead volunteers are "set up" as they sign-up or as your administrator signs them up. You could certainly create an event "generic volunteer sign-up" in order to only set up volunteers in iVolunteer, and then iVolunteer will remember that information for auto-completion data entry into subsequent events that you create.

With that said, we are working on a significant "participant management" improvement to iVolunteer that is designed for those Organizations that do want to pre-define their list of volunteers with more detail, define groups, skills, etc. allowing capabilities like limit signing up for certain tasks to certain groups, etc. I do not have an estimate on when that will be ready.

Thanks, again. We do not

Thanks, again. We do not plan to enter very many volunteers at all, but we might be having groups outside of our org come to the event for specific jobs, such as EMTs, doctors, & nurses for First Aid. We will contact them to do that job, and we will enter them because their slots will not be open to the general population. then after we fill in the names they can do the rest. We love the ease of having the volunteers make all their own decisions!

Excellent! Sounds like you

Excellent! Sounds like you are in good shape then.

A couple of ideas to consider when seeking volunteers from other groups:
- Simply publish the link(s) to those groups before you publish it to a more general pool.
- Create separate smaller events instead of multiple tasks for the other organizations, then give those organizations the links directly to the relevant event(s). When you run reports, if you do so from the Organization menu, you can combine multiple events into one report. If you want the other groups more heavily involved in the administration of their volunteers, you can create event administrators.

A note on performance: Creating multiple events can improve performance when you do have hundreds or thousand of volunteers. While we have optimized iVolunteer for performance in many areas, especially for volunteers screens, we have seen Internet Explorer slow down a bit in the administrative screens with some large events (although not necessary all large events). We recommend Google Chrome for the best performance administering large events.