Another Way to Recruit Volunteers
May 10, 2016 Blog
Volunteer Recruitment is in itself a full time job for Volunteer Managers.  Where can you find new volunteers?  In earlier blogs, colleges was listed as a great resource.  That is true but there are other places you can find “new” volunteers, the internet.  All across the country there are ...
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Spring Cleaning Your ivolunteer.com Account
April 16, 2020 Blog, Tips & Tricks
Thousands of organizations are meeting the challenges of social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19. We here at ivolunteer.com are no exception. With disinfecting wipes in hand, we’d like to offer two suggestions for “spring cleaning” your ivolunteer.com account while you wait for life and volunteer scheduling to ...
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Recruiting Today’s Volunteer
September 26, 2019 Blog
Volunteer managers of churches and other organizations have a challenging, complex job–often with limited resources. We’ve found a useful article that may help you improve your volunteers’ engagement by identifying three distinct hats you will need to wear in recruitment efforts: https://wwv.group.com/childrens-ministry/blog/lead/3-leadership-hats-youll-need-wear-recruit-todays-volunteer/ An online volunteer signup process is one ...
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New Event Checklist & Custom Database Fields
July 11, 2016 Blog
Ever wonder where to begin? Need help getting an event started? Here's a helpful checklist to get you started! If you have finished the list and are ready take your event live, go back to your Event Details tab and click the "Activate" button. Your event is now visible on your ...
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Try it for FREE
May 28, 2016 Blog
Non-profits are always watching the bottom line.Development Officers are always looking for donations whether monetary or inkind donations.  Here is a chance to try out new avenue for collecting donations for FREE!  Volunteer Managers can add this system to their volunteer requests through their online volunteer management software at ...
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Thank you Wild Apricot!
February 20, 2017 Blog
Wow! We are so grateful to Wild Apricot for adding us to their list of free volunteer management software tools. We are honored to be on the list, as we strive to provide quality service tailored to your organization's needs. Check out the list on Wild Apricot's site here: http://www.wildapricot.com/blogs/newsblog/2009/08/19/free-volunteer-management-software
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from ivolunteer.com!
December 27, 2016 Blog
We wish you a happy holiday season and are thankful that you have been with us to schedule your volunteer events.
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Helpful Volunteer Recruitment Tips
March 29, 2016 Blog
Is it overwhelming trying to figure out how you will begin recruiting volunteers for your upcoming event? Here are some tips on the steps you need to go through to begin your recruiting process: 1. Clearly identify volunteer needs and position descriptions. 2. Know what you have to offer ...
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How does your organization view volunteers on the organizational success pillar?
January 2, 2016 Blog
Volunteers are an integral part of the success of an organization.  The following blog illustrates the key components to achieve goals whether For-Profit or Not-for-Profit. Volunteers play a major role in many the organizational success pillar. They are not simply a resource but ambassadors for team work, vision, partnerships, ...
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Is your state in the top ten list for volunteering?
January 7, 2016 Blog
Why is your state not in the top ten list?  We found this article listed below from 2013.  Since then, the ranking has not changed very much. Look at the ranking and start looking at what the top states are doing with their volunteers that is having such an ...
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Are you ready for success?
January 19, 2016 Blog
Managing volunteers is always about the “what if” scenario.  Planning ahead is a key to being prepared for success regardless of the stumbles along the way.  What if we do not have enough volunteers, what if we have too many volunteers, what if we are not as busy as ...
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Don’t throw your volunteers to the wolves!
January 21, 2016 Blog
Training is an underutilized tool when it pertains to volunteers.  The difficult part is when can a Volunteer Manager find the time to train?  Volunteers are there to help but they do not go through the rigorous interview process, submit resumes, and may not even know much about your ...
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Expand your donor pool, in the nicest way possible
January 26, 2016 Blog
Are you having trouble getting your donors to volunteer?  Check out this blog with helpful hints that may ease your mind about asking. https://donordreams.wordpress.com/2016/01/21/there-is-a-recipe-to-follow-when-recruiting-volunteers/      
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Catering your online volunteer management experience
January 29, 2016 Blog
Online volunteer management allows users to collect additional data from volunteers.  ivolunteer.com has custom prompts that require users to complete the areas before finalizing sign up. There is not a technical limit to the number of custom prompts that users can collect and report.  Custom prompts can include items ...
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Hear about ivolunteer.com from one of our clients
January 30, 2016 Blog
Just wanted to take some time to tell you how we are “Using ivolunteer.com.”  We are a Catholic parish of more than 4500 families. We use ivolunteer.com for signing-up volunteers for our faith formation programs, outreach programs and fundraising events. Specifically, the program is used for all of the ...
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Communicate expectations to your volunteers
February 4, 2016 Blog
It happens all the time!  We take a job, buy something online, or order something from a menu and then it happens…"Well this is not what I expected at all!"  This could be a positive experience or a negative experience but either way there is a disconnect with your ...
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Assess yourself
February 9, 2016 Blog
Volunteer Managers wear many hats.  This is a great uplifting article on ways to start the New Year right and also see how incredibly important you are to the success of the organization. Assessment tools for team building
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If you are burned out, so are your volunteers
February 11, 2016 Blog
Everyone can get burned out.  Read this great article from Points of Light on how to keep your volunteers engaged and coming back for more. http://contentz.mkt4753.com/lp/40948/394938/How_to_Manage_Volunteer_Burnout.pdf More ways to prevent burn out is to consider a online volunteer management software.  ivolunteer.com can assist Volunteer Managers with methods of collecting ...
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Making your ivolunteer.com experience even better
February 13, 2016 Blog
Assigning Event Administrators To Groups Organization Administrators are now able to assign Event Administrators access to specific participant groups in the Database. Those Event Administrators will then be able to send emails to the volunteers in the groups they are assigned to from the Send Email tab of their ...
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ivolunteer.com is a Volunteer Coordinator’s dream!
December 17, 2015 Blog
Special events are incredibly important to the livelihood of non-profits.  One of the most frustrating and time consuming tasks is volunteer sign up.  ivolunteer.com can help! Our program is: Easy and Scalable: Create simple single-date events or multi-date, multi-task events. Supports multiple administrators. Reusable: Design sign-up sheets once. Reuse them as ...
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Don’t work harder…work online. ivolunteer.com can help!
December 15, 2015 Blog
Special events can be the most rewarding aspect of any organization whether non-profit or corporate.  They can also be the most time consuming.  Beyond managing the décor, logistics, permits, catering, lighting, invitations…there is also coordinating who will work the event.  Save your organization time, increase participation, and have greater ...
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December 10, 2015 Blog
Welcome to our new blog! We are excited to share with you our tips on how to easily manage your volunteers with our online software, ivolunteer.com. Using this software not only saves you time and money, but it allows your volunteers to sign-up for a time and a job ...
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Parties, alcohol, and volunteers…oh my
December 22, 2015 Blog
Many events are scheduled around the holidays…and involve serving alcohol…and volunteers. Signing up the right volunteers for serving alcohol can be a sticky but integral part of event planning.  One requirement is ensuring your volunteers are of age to serve alcohol.  Age is not the only requirement.  The maturity ...
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Slow communication with volunteers can hurt!
December 19, 2015 Blog
It is interesting how many times the human element of volunteering is disregarded.  Sometimes we assume that since someone would like to volunteer that they are open to anytime and anything.  Let’s face it, lives get busy!  In the car the other day, there was a story on the ...
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Volunteer Managers create connections
December 31, 2015 Blog
The key to any meaningful long lasting relationship is creating a connection with someone else.  Volunteer engagement with an organization is no different than any other relationship.  The focus of the relationship tends to be between the volunteer and the governing entity.  Volunteer Managers develop plans to develop and ...
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