Superheroes and Volunteers share the same qualities
December 29, 2015 Blog
Volunteers are the heroes to many organizations.  They donate their time, enthusiasm, and many times do the work that no one else would like to do.  We say thank you, give them tickets to events, have a luncheon, but is that enough? Think about the big picture when it ...
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Volunteer Coordinators are under a lot of stress…ivolunteer.com can help!
December 27, 2015 Blog
Volunteer Coordinators are consistently rated one of the most stressful jobs in America.  It is not a surprise.  Managing volunteers is not just about filling sign up spots but matching the right individuals with the appropriate duties.  The success of an event depends on it! Take a look at ...
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Training for online volunteer management software made easy
January 14, 2016 Blog
Congratulations on making the decision to purchase volunteer management online software.  Now what?  It is too often that one of the main reason people delay purchasing new software because if life wasn’t busy enough, who has time to learn how to maneuver a new system.  The fear of spending ...
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Millennials are the new generation of giving?!
January 5, 2016 Blog
Knowing what appeals to Millennials will help you cultivate the new generation of volunteers and donors.  Get to know what makes them tick.  This is a great article to unveil the true Millennial. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/07/08/millennial-donations-to-charity_n_7739736.html?utm_hp_ref=volunteerism
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Overwhelmed trying to set up your events? Let us help!
January 16, 2016 Blog
Even with a great online volunteer management system, sometimes we all need help getting started.  We have great ideas and know what we need but cannot quite translate it correctly.  Online database management systems, such as ivolunteer.com also offer a consultation service to assist you with every facet of ...
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Want to accept payments on your website? We need testers!
February 6, 2016 Blog
A new feature ivolunteer.com is working on allows you to integrate your ivolunteer.com account with Paypal or Click & Pledge. This feature allows your volunteers to make a donation or payment when they sign up to volunteer. Interested in being an early adopter? Contact us now to get involved!
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Take volunteer management to the next level by keeping your volunteers engaged
January 23, 2016 Blog
Change the way we think about volunteers.  Yes, volunteers are donating their time but that does not mean they are willing to do anything or that they want a mindless monotonous task.  Many times in organizations there is a duty or assignment that no one wants to complete or ...
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Volunteering can open the door to opportunity
February 16, 2016 Blog
The first thing most people think of when seeking employment is building experience.  This is true.  Most people don’t consider volunteering as a way to do this.  For job seekers, be aware from this great study from Deloitte about how volunteering can get your foot in the door.  Volunteer ...
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Find Their Passion
February 18, 2016 Blog
Why would we do anything we are not passionate about?  Big joke, we know as many people spend endless hours a week doing things that we do not enjoy.  The point is, when we have a choice we want to do something that either we are passionate about or ...
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Adding features everyday at ivolunteer.com
February 20, 2016 Blog
New Email Features to Our Online Volunteer Management Software Invitation Emails You can now send email invitations to participants for your event from the new Send Email tab.  The Send Email tab is located within the event, and is where you can send and schedule invitations to the event, ...
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Time for training!
February 23, 2016 Blog
Check out our training video on running reports on ivolunteer.com.  We are creating more training videos everyday to make your online volunteer management software even better. Watch our video
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Tools For the Trade
February 25, 2016 Blog
This is a great article for all fundraisers, staff or volunteers.  Utilizing online volunteer management software to share training videos is a great way to provide best practices tips.  Give your volunteers all the tools you can!   Train your volunteers to avoid ambush
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Invest In Your Volunteers
March 1, 2016 Blog
Volunteer Managers and volunteers are change agents for your organization.  Investing in them and the tools they use can take your organization to the next level.! Online volunteer management software, like ivolunteer.com, is a great start.  The online software will assist in allowing Volunteer Managers to collect as much data ...
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Reaching potential volunteers
March 3, 2016 Blog
Below is a great article on recruiting volunteers and telling your story.  Online Volunteer Management software is a great tool for recruitment.  The system will allow Volunteer Managers to share the organizations story, create event/project goals, establish job descriptions and requirements, and communicate to current volunteers, past volunteers and ...
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DRI Needs Volunteers!
March 5, 2016 Blog
From Downtown Roanoke, Inc: Greetings to all our Volunteers! The 26th Annual McDonald's St. Patrick's Day Parade and Shamrock Festival is Saturday, March 12, 2016!  We are hoping you will be able to volunteer this year to spread the St. Patrick's cheer throughout Historic Downtown Roanoke. Here is a list of areas where you ...
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Creating meaningful communication
March 9, 2016 Blog
This is a great article!  Thanking volunteers and showing them how important they are to the organization is crucial.  Online volunteer management software, ivolunteer.com, provides an instrument for Volunteer Managers to easily pull reports on the success of an event or project so that they can relay the information ...
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Don’t forget Your Board of Directors Are Volunteers Too
March 15, 2016 Blog
This is a great article and video for Volunteer Mangers and Fundraisers to share with their Board of Directors. Click here to read the article.
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ivolunteer.com Works!
March 17, 2016 Blog
Success of an event depends on factors inside and outside of an organization.  Being prepared assists in minimizing the time and energy on controllable tasks so that volunteer managers can take the time to take care of unforeseen issues. See what our clients say about ivolunteer.com. http://ivolunteer.com/testimonials
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Customize Your Experience
March 19, 2016 Blog
This is a great tutorial video showing you how to add prompts to your event. It really shows you how to easily customize the volunteer software to meet you needs!
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Setting Goals And Sending Your Message
March 23, 2016 Blog
This is a greart article on setting your goals. Click here to read the full article!
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Remind me again…
March 24, 2016 Blog
Learn how to create and manage reminders within ivolunteer.com by watching this simple video tutorial.
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Stay Ahead of the Game With an Activity Log Report
March 26, 2016 Blog
In this video, we'll show you how to run an activity log report within ivolunteer.com. The Activity Log allows us to see the most recent activity for an event, including: When an event is saved and who saved it When someone confirms or cancels an event When an e-mail ...
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We Are Here To Support You
March 31, 2016 Blog
In this tutorial video, Michelle from ivolunteer.com’s Support Team shows you how to add multiple people to a slot from your ivolunteer.com database using the Manage tab. The really cool thing is that you can add volunteers manually or if you have them on a database, from there. Take ...
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More Training from ivolunteer.com
April 7, 2016 Blog
ivolunteer.com is here anytime you need us through our online training sessions.  Volunteer Manager can visit our website and visit any number of helpful hints and instructions on how to perform different task.  Brush up on how to send information to your volunteers. Sending Information to Volunteers During signups ...
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Low Cash Flow Means More Work for Volunteers and Volunteer Managers
April 5, 2016 Blog
Most people believe that non-profits are always in a cash flow crisis.  This is partially true in that there is a constant need to raise money to pay operational costs.  There are times that something happens with the budget that sends the organization into a tailspin.  It is during ...
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