Online Volunteer Management Software Training Made Easy
April 9, 2016 Blog
Learn how to create an event on your online volunteer management software at your convenience.  Take a look at our latest training video. Training video ivolunteer.com The best way to sign up your volunteers online. Sign up for a FREE trial today!
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Is Your Volunteer Pool Too Narrow?
April 12, 2016 Blog
Diversity adds so much to an organizations reach within a community.  How can a Volunteer Manager expand their reach with a static database?  The answer is simple, you can’t.  Online volunteer management software will allow Volunteer Managers to open their volunteer pool by creating online volunteer sign up’s that ...
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Lessons Are All Around Us
April 19, 2016 Blog
Assessing needs is one of the fundamental roles of fundraisers.  Fundraising is a term used for those who solicit donations to organizations so consider that Volunteer Managers are fundraisers too.  Volunteer Managers provide funds to a non-profit through the in-kind donation of time.  Volunteers are donors. What do they ...
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Laughable Non-Profit Reality TV Show Ideas
April 21, 2016 Blog
Volunteer Managers work hard.  It is time for you to enjoy some laughs.  How many of these shows seem real to you? Enjoy the article and the laugh! “Dancing with Program Officers” and 5 other nonprofit-themed reality TV shows we need ivolunteer.com The best way to sign up your ...
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Is it Required?
April 26, 2016 Blog
Confirmation Emails There are two kinds of Confirmation Emails, Required Confirmation and Confirmation Notification. Required Confirmation The purpose of Required Confirmation emails is primarily to verify a volunteer's email address. The volunteer is not confirmed for the slots they signed up for until they click on the link in ...
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Event Déjà vu
April 29, 2016 Blog
Non-profits successful events often become quarterly, annual or a series of event.  ivolunteer.com allows Volunteer Managers to reuse past events so you do not need to recreate the wheel. Reusing Past Events The best way to reuse a past event is to copy it. This creates a new event ...
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Want to accept payments? We need testers
May 14, 2016 Blog
Volunteer Managers, please share this with the development department.  ivolunteer.com is a great volunteer management software but we can also set up your account to accept payments.  What a great way to combine campaigns.  This is a great way to recruit new volunteers, increase support, and locate new donors.  ...
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The Many Personalities in a Non-Profit
May 13, 2016 Blog
Volunteer Managers reside in the sometimes crazy world of non-profit.  ivolunteer.com understands the long hours and sometimes intense environment of your world.  That is why sometimes we just like to share articles and blogs to lighten your mood.  A happy Volunteer Manager is a productive Volunteer Manager.  Enjoy this ...
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Take Care of Your Volunteers
May 5, 2016 Blog
Engaging your volunteers helps your organizations bottom line more than you think.  The best way to engage your volunteers is to make them a part of the success stories.  Utilize the e-mail features in your online volunteer management software to update them on how their time matters.  Volunteers who ...
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Using Tasks in an Event
May 7, 2016 Blog, Tips & Tricks
Every event starts with one task. The tasks are where your signup sheets are located. You can have multiple tasks in an event, which help you break down and section off your event as needed. This can be helpful if you have a long event spanning several weeks or ...
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Non-Profits Touch All of Our Lives
May 17, 2016 Blog
Take a few minutes to read the article below.  A link to the full article is listed below.  This is a great explanation of how non-profits touch us all.   “When we invest in for-profits we do so for the potential of realizing more value (thicker wallet) to us ...
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Only Donate Items to Charity People Can Use
May 21, 2016 Blog
Volunteer Managers do not have an easy task.  When you are concerned you need to find volunteers to do a task that is not on the hot list, remember this story.  Be creative with your online volunteer management software and make even the most mundane tasks fun.  Imagine in ...
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Share Stories to Engage Your Volunteers
June 14, 2016 Blog
Working together brings families, neighbors, and the community together. Stories and videos inspire and engage your volunteers.  Share videos on how volunteers impact the community and bring people together through your online volunteer management system.  It is easy to do and will bring you great results.   ivolunteer.com The ...
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Making the World More Awesome
August 17, 2016 Blog
We love helping make the world more awesome. Involved in various volunteerism, different charities, or even working for a company that prides itself on reaching out to the community is what the world needs to keep moving forward. Kid President makes a fantastic point that the world doesn't change ...
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ivolunteer.com Free Trial
November 30, 2016 Blog
“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda Jedi Master   To take a page from our favorite Jedi Master's playbook, we have eliminated the ivolunteer.com trial and have replaced it with a free subscription. As always when we talk about free at ivolunteer.com we mean it. ...
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Scheduling More Than Just Volunteers
December 8, 2016 Blog
ivolunteer.com is dedicated to making your events run as smoothly as possible. We take in all our customers' suggestions and comments and we strive to create the most seemless experience for everyone who organizes and manages volunteers, participants, parents, runners, and more. The best way to do that is ...
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Reviews on Capterra
March 21, 2017 Blog
ivolunteer.com would love to thank Ebony Wright for reviewing us on Capterra. We appreciate the thought and time you took to give us a review! For others who would like to leave us a review and feedback on Capterra, go to http://www.capterra.com/volunteer-management-software/spotlight/137988/iVolunteerOnline/79ware. We really enjoy hearing from our customers on ...
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Let’s Get Organized
April 23, 2016 Blog, Tips & Tricks
Database Groups Database groups can be used to organize the list of volunteers in your Database into easy-to-manage sections based on whatever you decide you need. You can have groups for different age ranges, skill sets, areas your organization covers, teachers, and much more. To create a group, go ...
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Let’s Get Started
March 12, 2016 Blog
In this video Michelle goes over the basics of the Database in iVolunteer.com and how to add members manually to your iVolunteer.com Participant Database.
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Inspire Your Volunteers
June 20, 2016 Blog
Inspire your volunteers with video stories through e-mail options in your online volunteer management software.  Keep them engaged to foster long term loyalty and support.  You will not regret it. ivolunteer.com The best way to sign up your volunteers online
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Celebrate Remarkable People
May 20, 2016 Blog
Points of Light News Digest – March 25, 2016 2015 Women of Worth Honoree,Teri Kelsall Founded The Jonas Project to Support Veteran Entrepreneurs   Teri Kelsall was recognized by L'Oréal Paris and Points of Light as a 2015 Women of Worth  honoree for her extraordinary efforts helping veteran entrepreneurs ...
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Volunteering has Health Benefits
May 27, 2016 Blog
Points of Light captures the benefits of volunteering.  People are aware how volunteering helps others, but it can help you too!  Read this article from Points of Light. For years, volunteers nationwide have been telling Points of Light that they are happier, healthier people as a result of making ...
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New Feature Update: Subscription Types
October 4, 2016 Blog
ivolunteer.com is always working to make signing up volunteers easier and more affordable for our customers. In an effort to make sure our customers are getting the most out of their subscriptions when they sign up, we have changed our subscription choices to allow for further customization for your ...
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Your Volunteering Family
September 23, 2016 Blog
Your volunteering family is just as important as your nuclear family. Eventually your volunteers start to click together like puzzle pieces, making the best, most colorful jigsaw ever. It may be a little harder to keep them all in touch outside of volunteer season, because life gets in the way. However, ...
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Why We Do What We Do
August 29, 2016 Blog
As a volunteer, sometimes I catch myself in the middle of the chaos of the event I'm volunteering for, wondering why I signed up for this? It's not until well after the event has ended, when I'm connecting with my fellow volunteers after the event, that I figure it ...
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