Our online volunteer management software allows you to easily collect data from your volunteers on signup.  ivolunteer.com has many types of custom prompts that can be required or optional for your participants to complete when signing up for a slot.

Technically, there is no limit to the number of custom prompts that users can collect and report, although you’ll want to keep your sign ups compact and user friendly. Custom prompts can include items as simple as t-shirt size or a waiver checkbox with a link to the document that volunteers are agreeing to. Or they can be as complex as a list of interest groups linked dynamically to your database groups. A custom prompt can also be used to allow volunteers to self-report their hours.

ivolunteer.com online training videos, consultation services, and examples from actual clients are available to assist you with designing a most effective and efficient sign up process.  Advantages of using ivolunteer.com for online volunteer management are:

  1. Greater participation by the most appropriate volunteers as they understand exactly what they are signing up to do
  2. Less placement and scheduling effort for your volunteer coordinator since volunteers are *doing it for you*!

ivolunteer.com offers a feature-rich free version, so if you are not sure if it’s right for your sign up management, take it for a test drive!