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Change display from tabs to dropdown

I'm just starting to set up a sign-up sheet. I have entered 2 tasks in the tab format. I will have about 20 tasks in the end and I'm not sure tabs is the best way to go since it will extend past one screen. I am considering changing to a drop down format, but when I change the display in Default Settings nothing happens to my current sign-up sheet. It says that this will only affect NEW events. I consider mine new because it is not active yet, but perhaps the system does not think it is new. Is there anyway to change the manner of display now or do I have to start everything over?

If I have to start completely over does that mean just starting a new event with a different name? I like the event name I have so could I delete this event and then start a new event with the same name?


No need to start over. Just

No need to start over. Just make the same setting change for the existing event under the Events menu. Go to the Events menu, select the event, go to Settings tab and Display sub-tab, and select Dropdown there, press Save.

Changes made in the Default Settings tab under the Organization menu apply only to new events.