Feature enhancements and development

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Feature enhancements and development

I was wondering what the status is of future development and feature enhancements? Do you have a release schedule for your updates?


Re: Feature enhancements and development

Hi Steve!

We are always working to improve Ivolunteer.com! While we are focusing mainly on improvements to mobile and the current user interface, we do not publish a release schedule for future updates at this time. This is because problems can come up and push back improvements we are working on. In order to make sure our customers do not run into bugs or other problems while they are running their events, we like to addres those problems immediately. While we do have a rough idea of when we would like to get certain features out to the public, we can't make any promises about dates because there may be roadblocks that push back the dates we set.

We are aware that customers do have outstanding requests for certain feature enhancements that we would like to address in the future. If you have a specific feature that you are looking to check the progress on, please let us know and we will get back with you on the status of that feature.