It happens all the time!  We take a job, buy something online, or order something from a menu and then it happens…"Well this is not what I expected at all!"  This could be a positive experience or a negative experience but either way there is a disconnect with your understanding of a product/service and the actual product/service. 

How many times has a volunteer arrived for their job assignment only to realize they cannot perform some of the duties?  It is imperative to always be very specific and clear about ALL the requirements for project and event assignments.  An example would be if you are having an event where you need greeters.  To a volunteer this would seem like they just need to sit somewhere, smile and say hello.  To a Volunteer Manager, your expectation is that they will be standing the whole time, be able to lift 5lbs boxes to replenish the brochure supply, and be available to assist with other duties when things get busy.    Do you see how something so simple could cause big problems?

Not to worry, is here to help.  Online volunteer management software will allow you to descriptions and requirements right on the sign up sheet.  Custom prompts are also available so that you could have a requirements sheet and they need to check yes/no to each of the requirements.  The system can help you be proactive in contacting the volunteers that signed up for duty that they are unable to perform.

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