If you require extra help with your ivolunteer.com subscription, we offer a consultation service for an additional fee. You might benefit from using the consultation service if your organization:

  • has large events
  • has many volunteers
  • has Administrators who need training
  • needs detailed assistance in setting up a custom signup sheet

This service provides you with one-on-one help, detailed training, access to a personal consultant and whatever it takes to make your events successful.
ivolunteer.com standard support only includes:

Our Consultation service gives you personalized support, helps you set up your page and events, and also provides training materials for the system.

Our service helped Xcel Energy Colorado’s September 11th Day of Service in 2013. Here’s what they had to say:

“[ivolunteer.com’s consultant] worked with us each step of the way, customizing our event pages until they were perfect.[They were] always available if we had a question about managing our event pages and worked with us extensively to optimize the platform’s capabilities to our needs. I would recommend ivolunteer.com and their consultation services to other organizations. […] Their consultation services ensure the user piece of mind when executing any volunteer project or event.”

Consultation is based on an hourly rate. Contact us directly to learn more.
Email consulting@ivolunteer.com or call us at 866-826-7926.

Overwhelmed trying to set up your events? Let us help!

Consultation Service Includes:

  • Help setting up events, administrators, and database entries
  • Phone conferences and planning sessions
  • Personalized support
  • Access to an Administration Training Packet and Event Creation Worksheets to use during the planning stages of your event
  • Training for your administrators

Email consulting@ivolunteer.com or call us at 866-826-7926.