Training is an underutilized tool when it pertains to volunteers.  The difficult part is when can a Volunteer Manager find the time to train?  Volunteers are there to help but they do not go through the rigorous interview process, submit resumes, and may not even know much about your organization, yet they are your ambassadors. 

Training webinars are a great tool in getting your volunteers the information they need to be successful.  Consider sending a short orientation webinar that is a requirement and a few other short videos on specific tasks.  Make it light at fun for them but also very informative.  It is also a good chance to show pictures of the staff people that will be present at the event and what they will be wearing at the event should they have questions. 

Include the training as part of your volunteer online management database.  When someone signs up to volunteer online, an automated e-mail will be sent with the webinar link.  The volunteer manager will then be aware of who completed the training and who will need to do it the day of the event. 

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