easy to use? really?

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easy to use? really?

easy to use? really?

When iVolunteer is easiest to use

I am sorry to hear that you are not finding iVolunteer easy. We want you to be successful. Our support is here to help you.

iVolunteer is designed to fulfill the needs of many different customers and types of events---including events that we see customers run that we never even imagined!! iVolunteer recognizes that there may be gaps in our ability to fulfill every customers' needs and we are always open to feedback in order to improve our product, especially in any specific areas where you do not find it easy to use.

iVolunteer is most well known for successfully helping event administrators who understand the effort required to sign-up and manage events or campaigns needing probably 25 to 5,000 volunteers. We do this by offering a significant level of customizability, flexibility and advanced features. iVolunteer is especially adept at helping to operate medium, large, and recurring events (compared to paper, spreadsheet, and many competing solutions). We recognize that as an advanced tool our product can be overwhelming for some, and we will continue to make improvements to make it easier to get started. Specifically iVolunteer is able to significantly reduce the amount of time that administrators spend signing up volunteers, assigning volunteers to one or more specific tasks, managing cancellations, communicating with volunteers by e-mail, signing in volunteers at events, analyzing hours worked, maintaining a history of who volunteered in the past for the future, and much more. The biggest benefit is realized year-over-year (or season-over-season) whereas an organization is able to easily copy and re-run designs for events.

The most effort will be required in the initial set-up of your event. If your event involves any complexity then it may require extra effort and experimentation on your part to determine the best way to design you sign-up sheets. Our support is available and happy to advise you on approaches and best practices for designing any event. We want you to be successful. You may call us 9am to 5pm Eastern Time, but e-mailing a description of what you are trying to do is often the most effective because it gives more than one of our support staff a chance to review your situation.

Also, to help you get started there are links to our help system and help videos throughout the administrative screens, or you can begin here: http://www.ivolunteer.com/help/videos. Please do no hesitate to ask us questions or describe what you would like to do. If we don't think that iVolunteer is the right solution we will tell you.