Example Setup and Uses of ivolunteer.com

Here are a few live examples of signup sheets the way participants would see them.  We have linked to these events in much the same way that you could link to your events on a website, blog or email.  Please note these events are far in the future so that they will be around a while.

The Organization Home Page – send your potential participants/volunteers to a page similar to this so that they can see all of the events your organization is currently running.  (Actual url: http://79ware.ivolunteer.com/)

Benefit Luncheon – demonstrates signing up volunteers for a Sample Benefit Luncheon.  Note: This event is created for you when you first subscribe to ivolunteer.com so that you can see how it was constructed.  (Actual url:  http://79ware.ivolunteer.com/luncheon)

Black & White Ball – based on a real annual event.  This event demonstrates 2 custom prompts: A T-Shirt Size field and a Terms & Conditions Agreement check box.  This event also utilzes a Kiosk feature which allows you to put the event into Kiosk Mode.  This is useful for signing up people at a meeting or anywhere you are face-to-face.  Participants signing up in Kiosk Mode are immediately confirmed.  Click Start Kiosk link in the upper right hand corner of the signup sheet and use the password “kiosk” to see this in action. (Actual url: http://79ware.ivolunteer.com/ball)

Church Service – managing a service for a small chruch. (Actual url: http://79ware.ivolunteer.com/service)

Fall Soccer Tournament – managing a sports tournament.  (Actual url: http://79ware.ivolunteer.com/soccer)

Festival Opening Night – signing up dinner party attendees and having them bring things. (Actual url: http://79ware.ivolunteer.com/festival_beginning)

Parent Teacher Conferences – using ivolunteer.com to schedule meetings.  (Actual url: http://79ware.ivolunteer.com/conference)

Park Restoration – cleaning up a local park.  (Actual url: http://79ware.ivolunteer.com/park)

Potluck Dinner – organize a potluck and see what everyone is bringing.  Note: click on the plus (+) symbol next to the names to see what other people are bringing.  (Actual url: http://79ware.ivolunteer.com/potluck)

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