Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Can we have multiple Administrators?

 A. Yes, you can create as many administrators as you need.  You can control what each administrator can do with permissions.  There are four levels of permissions:

  • ORGANIZATION level administrators can do everything that the Primary Administrator can do except update information on the Organization Details page.
  • EVENT DESIGN level administrators can manage, view reports, create new events, modify the design of assigned events, and assign other event administrators to those events.
  • EVENT REPORTING level administrators can manage and view reports of assigned events.
  • EVENT MANAGE level administrators can only manage assigned events

To add or edit an administrator, go to Organization and click the Administrators tab.

Q. How can I choose who gets Administrator/Contact Notification Emails?

 A. Only the Event Design Administrator, the Organization Administrator or the Primary administrator can choose who gets Administrator/Contact Notification emails.  With the Event selected, go to the Settings tab | Emails sub-tab and check any applicable notifications they wish to receive.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of Event Administrators we can have?

 A. There is no technical limit to the number of Event Administrators you can add.  There is a report that shows each Event Administrator and which events they are managing.

Q. Can we have a different contact email for each event?

 A. Yes, the Administrator can change this on the Details tab of the selected event.

Q. The person who set this account up no longer works with us, how do I change the email contact?

 A. Log in using the previous email contact, then go to the Organization page | Details tab and change contact information there.  Be sure to hit the Save button when you are done making changes in this tab.  The next time you log in, you will need to use the new email address.

Note:  Contact support@ivolunteer.com if you need assistance or call 866.826.7926 ext. 2.

Q: I am one of the administrators for our account.  I have forgotten my password.

A:  Go to your administrative login (i.e. https://your_account_id.ivolunteer.com/admin).  Type in the email address on file and then click on Forgot My Password and the password will be emailed to that address.

If you need additional assistance contact support@ivolunteer.com


Q. If people delete their confirmation email and want to cancel their slots, how do I get them the link again?

 A. You can use the Re-Send Confirmation Link email (found in the Reminders/Email tab of the Event) or you can re-send them a confirmation notification by clicking on their name in the Manage tab and clicking the Send Confirmation Notification button.

Q. How do Reminders/Thank you emails work?

 A. The two different ways to send reminders are to send them immediately or to schedule them.  You can schedule reminders to be sent relative to the task/slot dates.  For example, if the reminder is scheduled one day prior to the task slot, it will be sent out the day before the task is scheduled.

Q. How do I send out reminders and thank you emails?

 A. Log in as the Administrator, select an event, go to the Reminders/Email tab.  You can add scheduled reminders to happen before the task dates and thank you messages for when the task is over by clicking on the Schedule button.  Optionally, you can create a reminder to send now by clicking on the Send Now button.

Q.  How do I schedule Reminders and Thank You emails?

A.  To schedule an email for an event, go to the Event page and select the event you wish to schedule an email for and go to the Reminders/Email tab.  Click the Schedule button.  This will pull up your Organization Default email templates.  You can further edit them here.  When you’re finished editing your templates, you can choose from the Schedule, Send Me a Test Email, Save Template, and Cancel buttons at the bottom of the template.

  • The Schedule button schedules the emails for the time set relative to the date of the slot that was volunteered for.
  • Send me a test email sends a test email to make sure all links, as well as the variables, are configured in a way you like.
  • Save Template allows you to save any changes made to the default template specific to your event.
  • The Cancel button cancels any changes made. The next time you click on the edit or schedule buttons on the Reminders/Email page, the template will revert back to the Organization Default.

Q.  Why are my scheduled emails not going out?

A.  Scheduled reminders and thank you emails work off the date that the slot is on, based off of the Task Date Option.  E.g. if you have a slot that is supposed to be on April 7th and you have a scheduled reminder set for one day in advance and a thank you one day after.  At midnight on April 6th the system will look in your event for any slots scheduled to start on April 5th and will send the reminder (or whatever template you have chosen) to all the volunteers currently scheduled for April 7th.  The same principle is applied to the Thank You emails.  On midnight on April 8th, the system will look for any slots that ended on April 7th and will send the thank you email to any volunteers currently in those slots.

To learn more about Task Date Options, click here for FAQs and here for a video.

Q. What is the fastest way to send an email (besides the standard reminder) to one event’s group of volunteers?

 A. Signed in as the Administrator, click on the Reports tab and click on the Participants Report.  This will give you a list of all the volunteers for the events selected, as well as their email addresses.  You can then select those emails, copy and paste the addresses into the To field in your email program (or into the Bcc field, if you prefer to keep the recipients from seeing each others’ email addresses).  Beware that if volunteers signed up for more than one shift, you may want to check and eliminate duplicate email addresses.  You can do this manually in your email program, or you can use Excel’s Sort and Filter functions before you copy the addresses into Outlook.

Q. Is there a way to add additional information to reminders, such as “bring gloves?

 A. Yes, you can add additional information or instructions per event that will appear in the Confirmation and/or Reminder emails.  Select the event, go to the Settings tab | Emails sub-tab and modify the email messages you wish to change and save your changes.

Q. Why is a volunteer not receiving a confirmation email?

 A. The three most common reasons for email failure are:

  1. The volunteer provided a bad or misspelled address
  2. The email was delivered to a spam or junk-mail folder
  3. The volunteers retrieving email system is using an anti-spam product based on a challenge/response mechanism that ivolunteer.com’s automated email system cannot respond to.

If #1 is the case, please have your volunteer retry with the correct email address.  If #2 or #3 are the case, please try to configure your spam filter to not flag email form ivolunteer.com as spam.  One way to do this is by adding ivolunteer.com to your email system’s white list.  FInally, you can also try using a different email address.  The ivolunteer.com staff is constantly working to ensure the highest possible reliability of email delivery.

Q. Can we enter or confirm volunteers on their behalf and bypass email confirmations?

 A. Yes, the Manage tab for the selected event allows the administrator to add volunteers without needing the volunteer to confirm.  The administrator can also cancel volunteers on this tab.

Q. Is there a way to eliminate requiring email confirmations?

 A. Yes.  Under the Events page, in the Settings tab | Emails sub-tab, under the Volunteer Emails heading, there is a dropdown box with three options:

  • Confirmation Required Once
  • Confirmation Always Required
  • Confirmation Never Required

Selecting “Confirmation Never Required” will eliminate email confirmations.

NOTE: We do not recommend choosing “Confirmation Never Required” for normal use.

General Administration Questions

Q. Can volunteers sign themselves up so I don’t have to get a million phone calls a day?

A. Yes, ivolunteer.com is designed to allow your volunteers to sign up themselves instead of having them call or email you.  You will be able to link from your website to your organization’s page on ivolunteer.com.

Q. Why doesn’t ivolunteer.com support sending Text Messages as Reminders instead of using email?

A. We are occasionally asked to add support for sending text messages in addition to or instead of email. Text messages are something that we are still considering. However there are two challenges with texting. One is that bulk texting is much more expensive than e-mail so we would probably have to charge extra for this; there is no such thing as “reliable unlimited free texts” when it comes to sending texts in bulk. The second challenge is that U.S. law requires that volunteers opt-in to receive texts, and this appears to be more strict than with e-mail. Administrators would not be able to simply send a volunteer a text until the volunteer indicates that he or she is willing to accept texts from ivolunteer.com. As more phones seem to support e-mail the number of requests to send texts has seemed to diminish. With that said, if enough customers continue to ask for this we may look more closely for a solution.

Q. How can I total the hours for each volunteer?

A. Run a Participants Report across all events you’re interested in totaling the hours for.  You can do this by selecting an Event and going to the Reports tab and choose the Participants Report.  To learn more about Reports, check out our FAQ on Reports, or view our Training Video.

Q. How can volunteers track hours/points volunteered?

 A. Each slot position has an hours field associated with it.  Volunteers can access this on their participant page which can be reached by using the link in the Confirmation Email they were sent when they signed up for the Event.  Additionally, Administrators can run a report on this information.

Q. Is it possible that someone could “bump” another volunteer out of a slot?

 A. The first person to sign up for a slot will have the slot locked for ten (10) minutes. After ten minutes it is possible that someone could take the slot, although until someone else does the original person can still confirm.  Once the slot is confirmed, they can’t lose the slot unless they cancel the slot or an Administrator cancels them.

We also have a feature called auto-confirm.  By default, once someone has confirmed one time, we place a cookie (a small packed of information) into their browser that says this person is confirmed.  The next slot they go to sign up for can then be auto-confirmed, meaning that they get the slot right away without having to get a confirmation email again, assuming they signed up for the second slot on the same computer and browser as the first.

Q. When signing up a volunteer, can I have their information auto-filled?

 A. As the Administrator using the event’s Manage tab to add a volunteer, you can begin typing someone’s name or email into the email field for suggestions.  Down arrow to the desired suggestion and then hit the enter key to auto-fill the rest.

You can also add participants from the Database by clicking the “Add From DB” button in the Event Manage tab.  Any participant who has signed up for an event with your organization in the past can then be added to a new event.  Learn more about the Database with these FAQs, or these videos.

Q. Does ivolunteer.com have a function where volunteers may swap time slots?

 A. ivolunteer.com currently allows volunteers to self-cancel a slot they have signed up for, and then sign up for another slot.  A cancelled slot automatically becomes available again to other volunteers.

Q. How do I remove a volunteer?

 A. A volunteer can cancel themselves if the Administrator has elected to allow Self Cancellations (Event menu | Details tab).  The Administrator can cancel any volunteer from the Manage tab in a selected event by clicking on the volunteer’s name and then clicking the Cancel button.

Q. Is there a way to disable online cancellations?

 A. Yes, in your Event, under the Details tab | Dates section, there is a dropdown menu of your options for Self Cancellation, including “Self Cancellations Are Not Allowed,” “Midnight Following the Task/Slot Date(s),” “Midnight Just Before Task/Slot Date(s),” 12 hours prior, daily increments, etc..

Q. Do you have to give my participants the ability to opt-out of receiving reminders?

 A. Yes, the FCC CAN-SPAM ACT says that we have to provide a way for recipients to opt-out from receiving unwanted email messages.  Additionally this policy helps to keep ivolunteer.com mail from being blocked by email providers.

Q. Can I change my Organization Unique ID?

 A. Intentionally, we do not allow you to change your Unique ID on your own.  If you need to have your Organization Unique ID changed, please contact support at support@ivolunteer.com.

Q. How can I block off slots for a group or groups of volunteers?

 A. One way to do this is to go into the Manage tab and add volunteers using an email address designated for that group. Then when you receive the list of volunteers for that group, you can go back into manage and make the changes

A second option is to stagger signups over time. For example, suppose you have three groups: A, B, and C with C being your general pool of volunteers. You can open up the event early for group A first with a password that only group A knows about. When it’s group B’s turn, you can change the password to one that only group B knows about. Then when it’s time for group C (the general pool) you can remove the password requirement. Additionally you can change the number of available slots each time to keep one group from grabbing too many slots.

A third option is to create different events for each group of volunteers that you can either password protect or simply make hidden. Then send each group the link to their signup sheet. Additionally you can designate someone in each of the groups to be an Event Administrator. This way the group can be responsible for signing up everyone in their group.

Q. How can I see Events that occurred in the past?

 A. To see all events, current and past, click the Clear Filters link above your Events list.  To see only past events, click on the Filters & Sort Order link above your Events and in the Status Filter dropdown menu select Only Past Events. Additionally, we recommend copying your old event and giving the copy a new start date to reuse old signup sheets.  When you copy events, all dates inside the copied event are adjusted relative to the new date.  Also, only the structure of the event is copied so you don’t have to clean out all of your volunteers from the old event.  If not much has changed, you can be ready to go in minutes!

Q. Why do my events still say “past” when all my dates look correct?

 A. Check your Task Date Option.  If your task date option is:

  • Task is on one day, your task will be set on the first day of your event.  You can change this by changing the Task Date next to the drop down box
  • Task spans Event Dates (no specific date) your event will not show as past as long as the event date is not in the past and there will not be a specific date on the task.
  • Dates are in Column Headers, each column will be on the date specified in the Column Header.  Edit the column header to supply/change the date for the header.
  • Dates are in Row Headers, each row will be on the date specified in the Row Header.  Edit the row header to supply/change the date for the header.
  • Dates are in each Slot Position, tasks will be on the date specified in each slot.  Edit the slot position to supply/change the date for the slot position.

Q. Why can’t I see any of my events from last year? Did you delete them?

A. ivolunteer.com never deletes any of your Organization’s information without your consent.  We hold all information for at least a year for inactive subscriptions and at least 5 years for active subscriptions. You may need to clear your filters.  Above your Events list, you’ll see the heading Events (filtered). To clear your filters, click on the Clear Filter(s) link.  Now you can see every single event you are in charge of.  To add filters to narrow down your search for a specific event, click on Filters & Sort Order.

Q. Can I reuse an Event from last year?

A. To reuse an old Event, just copy the Event.  This copies the structure of the event, not the volunteers.  Then you can just make small adjustments to the event for the current year.  Additionally, changing the event start date will change all of the dates in the event relative to the new start date.

Q. Do I need to remove all volunteers from a previous event?

 A. No.  We recommend that you copy the previous event and use the new copy.

Q. My volunteers can’t see the Event link on my home page, why is this?

 A. An event will not show up on your main page when any of the following are true:

  • The end date of the event is in the past
  • The event has not been made active
  • The event has been made hidden.

Q. Can we attach a PDF file and require that volunteers read it when they sign up?

 A. While administering the relevant event, go to the Settings tab | Prompts sub-tab and add a Custom Prompt.  Select the Checkbox type and enter text along the lines of “I have read the volunteer requirements” as the description, check the Hyperlink option beside the description and type a link to your PDF.  The PDF can be on your own website, or you can press Select to upload it from your computer to ivolunteer.com.

Q. How can I add an agreement/waiver so that volunteers can read it and agree to it?

A. Go into the event you wish to add an agreement to, go into the Settings tab | Prompts sub-tab and add a Custom Prompt. Select the Checkbox type. Add a title of “I agree” and a short description that says “Click here to read the agreement.” Then check the Hyperlink option beside the description and type in a link to the agreement. The agreement can be on your own website, or you can add a PDF by pressing Select and uploading it from your computer to ivolunteer.com.

Q. How can I insert a hyperlink into the Screen Messages (Top Instructions)?

 A. Go to the Settings tab | Screen Messages sub-tab OR the Signup Sheet Design tab | Instructions button.  In the Top Instructions Editor, highlight the text that you want to be the hyperlink, and then press the Edit or Add Link icon. Key or paste the link you wish to use.  You can provide a link to your own website, or press Select to upload a file (such as a PDF) to host it on ivolunteer.com

Q. Why does my event say that it already occurred when volunteers try to sign up?

 A. The date that you put in the end date field must be in the future or the current day.

Q. Why can volunteers see my event, but can’t sign up?

 A. Check your dates for the Event in the Details tab.  You may also want to review any dates in your Tasks in Signup Sheet Design.

Q. What if volunteers sign up for the same slot at the same time?

 A. The first volunteer to submit their information will get it and a lock will be placed on the slot for ten minutes.  The other volunteer will receive a message that the slot was just taken.

Q. Is there a way to disable volunteers’ access to an event while I’m still designing it?

 A. Yes, if the Administrator does not click the “Activate” button to make the event Active, then volunteers will not be able to sign up for that event until the “Activate” button is clicked.  If your event is already Active, you can click the “Deactivate” button to make the event in-active so that volunteers will not be able to sign up.

Q. How do the Event and Task volunteer limits work together?

A. The Task volunteer limit restricts the number of volunteers able to sign up for a particular task.  The Event volunteer limit restricts the number of volunteers for the entire event.  The Task limit will automatically be set for the Event limit, and can be changed to a lower number per task if so desired.

Q. Can I have several laptops accessing the event page to sign up volunteers in Kiosk Mode?

A. Yes, ivolunteer.com is designed to support simultaneous volunteering from multiple computers accessing an event page, including in Kiosk Mode.

Q. Why is ivolunteer.com not requiring volunteers to confirm their commitment when NOT in Kiosk Mode?

A. After an email address has volunteered and confirmed once for an Organization, any subsequent sign-ups from that email address from the same browser will be auto-confirmed.  That “Confirmation Required Once” behavior is the default Confirmation Mode.  If you prefer for volunteers (outside of Kiosk Mode) to always receive the confirmation email that they must confirm, you can change the Confirmation Mode to “Confirmation Always Required.” This Confirmation Mode setting is under the Settings tab | Emails sub-tab. Your choices are: “Confirmation Required Once,” “Confirmation Always Required,” and “Confirmation Never Required.”

NOTE: Using “Confirmation Never Required” is not recommended for normal use.

Q. Can an Administrator make changes to an event after volunteers have started signing up?

A. es, if you add or move rows or columns then volunteers will shift appropriately to remain under the headings they signed up for.  Be careful changing headers of rows or columns because volunteers will expect to have signed up under those headings. You cannot remove a row or column if there are volunteers signed up in any of the slots in the row or column you wish to remove.

Q. How can I move a volunteer to a different slot?

 A. First, sign the volunteer up for the new slot in the Manage tab.  Then, cancel the slot you are moving them from.

NOTE: When adding the volunteer to the slot, just start typing their name in the email box for a list of suggestions. Arrow down to the desired suggestion and hit the enter key to auto-fill their information.

Q. Why am I having trouble editing the Rich Text Editor?

A.  There are known issues with running the Rich Text Editor on early versions of Internet Explorer.  Try using Google Chrome, or Firefox instead.

Q. I’ve accidentally deleted my event, is there some way to restore it?

A.  Yes, ivolunteer.com has a Restore Event button that allows you to restore any Event for up to 90 days after you have deleted it.  It returns all of your settings, preferences and even your volunteers just as you had them before you deleted the event.

Q.  Will I be able to get my Event layout back with the Restore Event button?

A.  Yes, the Restore Event button will restore your entire layout as well as all of your preferences and settings for the Event.

Q.  Will I be able to get all of my volunteers back in the slots they signed up for if I restore an event?

A.  The Restore Event button will restore all volunteers signed up for an Event, even those who haven’t confirmed yet, into the slots they signed up for.

Q.  Is there a way to set up a PayPal button on the volunteer signup forms so that they can donate money at the same time?

A.  You can add a link to your PayPal account either in the instructions for your organization’s home page, instructions on an event signup page, or as a custom prompt in the volunteer signup screen.  However, ivolunteer.com does not currently tightly integrate with PayPal in such a way to guarantee that a payment is made as part of the volunteer signup process.  You can at least use the Custom Prompt method to ask the volunteer to check a box indicating that they have made a payment.  We do plan to have tighter payment integration in the future.

To add a link to your PayPal account in the event instructions, administer the relevant event, go to the Signup Sheet Design tab and press Instructions. Highlight the relevant text and press the Edit or Add Link icon. Press Save when you are done.

To add a link to PayPal as a Custom Prompt, go to the Settings tab | Prompts sub-tab.  Press Add Prompt.  Select a relevant Type, for example CHECKBOX.  Make the label “I have paid,” make it required, and make the short description “Click here to go to PayPal to pay,” and check the Hyperlink box.  A dialogue will appear where you can enter the link to PayPal.  Press Save when you are done.  By default this custom prompt will appear on the signup screen on all of your tasks.  You can selectively remove it form any task under the task’s More Task Options.

Q.  We know one of the benefits of ivolunteer.com is email verification of users without a formal username/password.  Is it possible to have volunteers create a login with contact information?

A:  When a volunteer signs up for the first time (or the Administrator signs up a volunteer on their behalf) the confirmation email contains a unique link through which that volunteer can access his or her volunteer commitments (and cancel a commitment if you allow self-cancellation).  Whenever a volunteer signs up or receives a reminder, that link would typically be included again in that email.  A volunteer can also re-send themselves that link by visiting any event they have signed up for.

Your administrator(s) could also create a “registration” event with Custom Prompts for additional information such as address and phone number.  You could then either ask your volunteers to sign up using the “Registration Event.”  This information can be linked to and viewed in the Organization’s Database, where you can group volunteers and send out emails to the entire Database.

General Questions

Q. What is ivolunteer.com?

A. ivolunteer.com is a volunteer scheduling software program designed for volunteer coordinators to help with the process of signing up volunteers for events.

Q. How does it work?

A. An administrator designs a signup sheet for events that volunteers can access through a public link.  There, volunteers can sign up for positions or slots with a name and an email address.

Q. How reliable is ivolunteer.com?

A. ivolunteer.com is hosted on dedicated servers in Amazon’s high-end Elastic Compute Cloud. We do not share our servers or databases with any other organizations or other hosted services. Furthermore, because email is an important part of the volunteer confirmation process, we have partnered with a highly reliable email relay provider. For our customers, this means that ivolunteer.com is fast, reliable and secure, and that volunteers receive emails as fast and reliable as possible.

Q. Does ivolunteer.com work equally on a Mac as well as a PC?

A. ivolunteer.com works well on Macs, PCs, Linux, iPads and Smart Phones (our own developers use Macs, PCs, and Linux!). While ivolunteer.com is optimized to work very well in most browsers for both volunteers and administrators, we recommend using Google Chrome for optimal performance for administrators when events get very large (e.g. 1,000+ volunteers).

Q. What web browsers are supported?

A. Volunteers can use just about any browser commercially available that supports javascript, including browsers on many mobile devices like the iPhone, Android and recent versions of Blackberry.  For administration of ivolunteer.com, we recommend using current versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 9 or 10.  Google Chrome is our browser of choice and performs extremely well with large events. Chrome can be downloaded here. Internet Explorer 8 and older are NOT supported for administration of events needing more than about 1,000 volunteers.

Q. Is there online help?

A. We offer several resources to help you with ivolunteer.com, including our comprehensive Administrative Help and our growing list of video tutorials.

Q. Do you provide any training?

A. There is a growing list of training videos you can view here.

Q. How do I get additional help?

A. Please email questions to support@ivolunteer.com.  You may also call our support number at 866.826.7926 (dial 2 for support).

Q. Can you tell me what organizations are running events I might volunteer for?

A. ivolunteer.com does not match volunteers to organizations that are running events.  We respect the privacy and security of our customer organization and we do not publicly share or advertise any event or volunteer information.  It is up to each organization to promote their events hosted on ivolunteer.com to their own pool of volunteers.

Q. What is your privacy policy?

A. We take privacy seriously. Here is a link to our policy.

Q. Will you display third-party advertisements in my account or in my events?

A. No.

Q. Are volunteers’ email addresses safe and private?

A. Volunteers’ email addresses are only transmitted and visible to the user signed on as an Administrator, and are only used by the ivolunteer.com system to send system-generated confirmation emails.  ivolunteer.com will never send unsolicited email or use or share your email addresses in any way.  ivolunteer.com will never share, copy or review customers’ databases other than to support technical problems or to backup the system.  

In addition, we expect our customers to extend this level of privacy to their volunteers by only using the information for the volunteering purposes for which it was intended.  We strongly encourage all of our customers to review and modify their Organization Privacy Statement (under Settings | General | Legal Statements) so that it is clear to volunteers what the Organization’s intention is with keeping volunteers’ information safe and private.

Q. Is my data backed up?

A. Yes.  The system is backed up to avoid a loss in the event of a system failure.  You can backup your own individual event information by running a Report or Exporting events to Excel.  Be sure to review this topic in the license agreement (available for review in the online checkout process) when you purchase ivolunteer.com.

If you have deleted an event, click on the Restore button within 90 days after removing it to restore it to the state it was in when it was removed.

Q. How long does information stay in the system?

A. We currently retain all event structure and volunteer information at least five years for active accounts at least one year for inactive accounts, because some customers renew seasonally.

Q. Can one event span multiple days?

A. Yes.  Specify different start and end dates for your event.  Each task can then be assigned to a different date within the start and end dates.

Q. How can I disable slots that I don’t need?

A. Edit the slot that you don’t need and set the number of volunteers to zero (0).

Q. Are you working on any upgrades?  Will I receive the upgrades?

A. Yes, we expect to be working on upgrades as long as there are ways to make things easier for our customers.  Customers are upgraded automatically as new features become available.

Q. Is there some way to auto-fill information once someone has signed up for an event?

A. Auto-complete, which is on by default, allows a volunteer to just enter their email address when signing up for a slot.  The rest of their information, including any custom fields, is automatically filled.  This also works from the Administrator’s side, by entering the email address of a volunteer, the rest of their information will be filled in.

Also on the Administrator side, you can add volunteers from your Database. To learn more about the Database, go here.

Organization and Event Settings/Configuration

Q. How do Settings work?

A. The Organization has Settings and each Event has its own copy of Settings.  When you add a new Event, the new Event’s Settings are inherited from the Organization’s Settings, but can be tailored as needed for the Event.  When you copy an Event, the Settings for that event are also copied.  This means that Settings for any Event can be modified without affecting any other Event’s Settings or the Organization’s Settings.  Likewise, modifying the Organization Settings will not affect any existing Event.  A good practice is to modify the Organization’s Settings as needed early on, so that any new Events will have Settings tailored for the Organization.  This can reduce the amount of work required to set up a new event.

Q. Is there any way to flip columns and rows (and vise versa) once they are typed in?

 A. Currently there is not a way to do this.



Q. Is it possible to run Reports on multiple Events?

 A. Yes, you can select any event and go to the Reports tab. From there, you can choose a Report to run, and then click the check boxes next to the Events to choose which Events you would like to run the Report on.

Q. What is the difference between the Activity Log Report and the Activity Log tab?

 A. Use the Report to display a concise view of an event's volunteer schedule. This should also be your final view of an event's volunteer plan. The Report displays an event in two formats: 1) The traditional row- column model just like the sign-up sheet and 2) a detailed one slot per row model. If you press the button to open the report in Excel, the report is downloaded into Excel. View the Log to see exactly when volunteers signed up, confirmed, cancelled, or received system warnings. Use the Log to research any difficulties that could arise in the process of signing up volunteers, such as where a volunteer, who failed to confirm, attempted to volunteer.

Q. Can I see what date/time volunteers signed up?

 A. The Administrator can view this information in the Activity Log tab of the Event. Additionally, the Administrator can view the Activity Log report available in Reports.

Q. Is there a way to run a report on any unfilled slots?

A.  Under the Organization page click on the Reports Tab, select the Sign In Sheet Report, the Signup Sheet, or the One Slot Per Row Reports, and under the Options, click on the button next to "Include unfilled slots" as well as any other criteria you would like to have on the report.  Click on the events you would like to run the report on, and then click on the Run Report button at the top of the page.

Q. How can I print Name Badges for my Volunteers to wear at my event?

A. Go into the Reports tab, and select the Name Badges report.  Choose the format, PDF or Excel spreadsheet; the Sort/Group option, Name or Date; the Page Size, Avery 5390 or Avery 5395; and the Date Range.  Then choose from these options to display on the Name Badges:

  • Show event name
  • Show task name.  Pages are separated by task so if, for example, your tasks were booths or stations, you could send people to the task station to receive their name badge
  • Show participant first name. This is on by default.
  • Show participant last name. This is on by default
  • Show participant title
  • Show logo
  • Nameless badges. A badge with no name you might use for walk-ins.  Clicking on Nameless badges will deselect participant name options and prompt for the number of badges you would like printed per sheet.  Deselecting will return participant name options to default.
Signup Sheet Design

Q. Can I define one slot that signs up multiple volunteers?

 A. Yes.  In the Signup Sheet Design tab of the selected event, select the slot position and then modify the number of volunteers for that slot position.

Q. Can we display our logo on the sign-up sheet?

 A. Yes, you can add a logo already defined in the Organization or Event as the Organization Logo or the Event Logo. If you don’t already have an image defined for the Event, go into the Event Settings tab | Logo sub-tab and click on “Set Logo…”  Here you can input a URL to a website where your Logo is located, or you can click on Select to upload a new image from your computer.  Then you can use the variable [EVENT_LOGO] to place it on your Signup Sheet.

To add the Organization or Event Logo, go into the Signup Sheet Design tab and click on the Top Instructions button.  Then, in the Variables menu, select[ ORGANIZATION_LOGO] for the Organization Logo, or [EVENT_LOGO] for the Event Logo.

Q. How do I use Custom Prompts?  What do they do?

A.  Custom Prompts is a feature that allows you to define extra prompts that will be requested when a participant signs up for a slot.

To view the training video on how to create custom prompts, click here.

NOTE: Custom Prompts will appear after the required prompts Email, First Name, and Last Name.

Q.  I created a year-round event.  Is there a way to hide dates that already happened in the past?

A: Yes, you can hide tasks where all of the slots in the task happened in the past.  Slots that happened int he past will still be displayed in the same task with other current slots, but they will not have a Volunteer button.

 To make sure this works

  1. Under the Settings tab | Display sub-tab check the option “Hide old tasks.” Then press Save.
  2. You must put in the correct dates into the field designated for DATEs and NOT just in the text fields of headers.  Check the Task Date Option for each task.  If it is “Task is on one day” make sure the correct Task Date is provided.  If it is “Dates are in Column or Row Headers” make sure the correct date is put into the Date field of the relevant Column or Row headers.  If it is “Dates are in each Slot Position” make sure the correct date is put into the Date field of each slot.

To learn more about how dates work in ivolunteer.com, take a look at this video.

Q. How do I link directly to a task in my event?

To link a volunteer directly to a task they may be interested in, you can put the task’s number at the end of your URL like so: http://[myorganization].ivolunteer.com/myevent/3

This would link your volunteer directly to the third task in your event. However, if you have any hidden tasks, or tasks that have appeared in the past, this feature will work a little differently. If a task is hidden, you will not have access to it. For example if you have tasks “One”, “Two” and “Three” you would link directly to 2 by going /eventname/2 at the end of your URL. If Two is hidden, then /eventname/2 will then link to task “3”.

Subscription Questions

Q. How do I subscribe to ivolunteer.com?

A.  Take a look at our options here and select the subscription that will work best for your organization, or click here to get started and view our pricing options.

Q. I’m not sure I’m ready to subscribe to ivolunteer.com yet. Where did your Free Trial go?

A. Instead of a Free Trial, we now offer a 30-day Free Subscription with a maximum of 15 volunteers in your database and a single Primary Administrator for your Organization. This subscription is renewable, so after your 30 days are up, you can renew your subscription right away, or you can wait and come back to it when you’re ready to renew. There is no payment information taken for the Free Subscription.

Q. How does the number of volunteers in a subscription work?

A. Each subscription includes a maximum number of volunteers allowed in your database with unlimited signups per volunteer. For example, the Free Subscription allows for up to 15 volunteers in your database with unlimited signups per volunteer, and is a great way to try out ivolunteer.com. The Standard Subscription allows you to choose the number of volunteers you anticipate having in your database, up to 500 volunteer database entries with unlimited signups per volunteer. The Premium Subscription allows you to choose the number of volunteers you anticipate in your database, up to 10,000 volunteer database entries with unlimited signups per volunteer. For more information on these subscriptions, click here.

Q. If I subscribe for a term shorter than one year, will you keep my information around for next year?

A. Yes. We will keep your data in the system available for the next year unless you specifically ask us to remove it.  When you are ready to re-subscribe, log in as the Primary Administrator as you did the previous year, go to the Organization menu | Subscription tab and select the desired subscription level. If you would like the exact same subscription level as last year, it will already be selected for you. You can change any of the subscription limits available to you as well, to better suit your organization’s needs.

Your ivolunteer.com Database

Q. What is the Database?

A. The database stores basic information about your volunteers such as their email address, name, street address, phone numbers, etc.  It can help you manage your volunteers by allowing you to record some extra information for each volunteer, create groups of volunteers, promote events to your volunteers and even restrict Event Tasks to select groups of volunteers.

Q. Who can access the Database?

A. Primary Administrators and Organization level Administrators have access to the Database.

Q. How do I populate my Database?

A. The easiest / best way is to let your volunteers do it.  Whenever someone signs up for an event they are automatically added to your database.  You can also manually add volunteers to the Database one at a time.

You can also bulk add volunteers to the Database.  To do this go into the Database menu | Participants tab and click on the Bulk Add button.  Here you can copy and paste info from a spreadsheet 50 volunteers at a time.  Then click on the Add button. 

Q. Can I use my Database to promote an Event or my Organization?

A. Yes, you can useivolunteer.com’s powerful email capabilities to promote your Event or Organization to volunteers in your Database.  Simply select one or more of your Database Groups to send it to, select when you want to send it, and then author the email.  You are currently limited to five times the number of your subscription slot limit for promotional emails within your subscription.  E.g. 5 times 6,000 for one year would be 30,000 emails.

Q. What are Groups?

A. Groups are a way for you to organize your volunteers the way you want.  For example, you may wish to group volunteers by a skill set or a certification that they have, such as CPR certification. You could create a group titled “CPR Certified” that contains all of your volunteers who have completed CPR training.

Groups are easy to create and manage.  To see how to do this, check out our training video.

Q. What can I do with the Groups I create?

A. You can promote your organization or events by sending an email to one or several of your groups.  You can also use groups to restrict an event task.

Q. How can I set it up so that someone is added to a group when they sign up?

A. There are two custom prompt types that will assign a volunteer to a group: DATABASE_GROUP and DATABASE_GROUP_DEFINED.  Simply add one of these prompts to your event and the volunteer will be assigned.  The DATABASE_GROUP prompt allows volunteers to choose which group they should be in, and the DATABASE_GROUP_DEFINED prompt will automatically assign them to a group. 

Q. Can I add members to a group that were volunteers for certain past event(s)?

A. Yes.  After selecting the group, use the Add Members From Event(s) button and select all the events you wish to add members from.

Q. Can I see the events each volunteer has volunteered for?

A. Yes.  On the Participants tab, click on the More… button next to the volunteer’s name you wish to look at.  Then click on “Activity” at the bottom of their information.  Here you can see all of the volunteer’s activity within the organization, including dates, times, and event names they sign up for.

Q. I have someone in the database with 2 different email addresses, is there a way to combine the entries so that they are only using 1 email?

A. Currently no. This will be coming in a future release.

Q. When someone is removed from the database will all of the slots they signed up for also be canceled?

A. No they will still be signed up for any events they have confirmed.  A Cancel ability will be added in a future release.

 Q. I need to see extra information from my volunteers in my database. Where can I put this information?

A.  We have added the ability for you to add Custom Database Fields for your volunteers’ database entries. Your Database Fields are now managed in the Organization Menu > Settings tab in the Database sub-tab. Here you can see all database fields, their types, and you can now manage where they show up in your Organization. The button at the bottom of the page is “Add Custom Database Field”. These custom database fields can also be linked to Custom Prompts so that your volunteers fill out the information when they sign up. These can be used for Sports Teams, Nicknames, Registration status, Certification status, Titles, and much more.

Your ivolunteer.com Home Pages

Q. What is a Primary Home Page?

A. When you first sign up to use ivolunteer.com (either a free trial or a subscription) your organization is assigned a primary home page URL — for example, http://myorganization.ivolunteer.com, the first part of the URL is the Unique ID you chose when you signed up.  The page at this URL can contain any future active events that are also not hidden, and a custom welcome message that you can modify with text, logos, or other images.  The Primary Home Page may not be removed  or disabled.

Q. What can I change on my Home Page?

A. You can change the Home Page Title, Visibility / Accessibility, Unique ID (not available on the Primary Home Page), Event Display Type, Event Sort Order, and the Welcome Message.

  • Home Page Title – this is the title for your Home Page. E.g. “My Organization’s Events.”
  • Unique ID – is the extra part of the URL for accessing the Home Page only from the URL.  E.g. “http://myorganization.ivolunteer.com/myuniqueid.”  You may not modify this for the Primary Home Page.
  • Visibility / Accessibility – how your home page will be accessed and how it will display.  Options are:
    • Tab alongside other Home Pages or URL – the home page will appear as a tab with any other home page that has this option.  IF there are no other home pages with this option no tab will be visible.  The page can also be accessed by its URL.  See Unique ID above.
    • Hidden – the Home Page may only be accessed by its URL
    • Disabled – the Home Page is not available for viewing.
  • Event Display Type – this defines how the events will be displayed on the page.  There are several display options available.
  • Event Sort Order – How the events will sort on the page.
  • Welcome Message – The welcome message will appear at the top of your Home Page.  Customize this to welcome your potential volunteers.

Q. How do I edit my Home Pages?

A. As Primary Administrator or Organization Administrator click on the Organization menu | Home Pages tab.  Here you can add and edit Home Pages.

Q. How do I create a new Home Page?

A. Once you are viewing the Home Pages tab, click the Add Home Page button.

Q. How do I assign an event to a different Home Page?

A. You need to be the Primary Administrator, an Organization Administrator or an Event Administrator with Design Privileges to assign events to home pages.  With the event selected:

  • Click on the Details tab
  • Find the Show on Organization Home Page dropdown menu
  • Choose a Home Page for the event, make the event hidden, or click Select Multiple Home Pages to choose more than one Home Page you wish for the Event to show up on.

Q. When I link my organization or Event from Facebook, how can I get it to display my logo?

 A. If you set a logo for an event, that Event’s logo will appear on Facebook.  To do this, sign in as an Administrator and select the relevant event.  Go to the Settings tab | Logo sub-tab.  Press Set Logo, then either type in a link to a logo hosted on your own website, or press Select to upload an image file from your computer.  Press Save after the logo is set.

If you set a logo for the Organization and there is no logo for the Event, then the Organization’s logo will appear on Facebook.

IMPORTANT: Sometimes it can take more than 24 hours for a logo that you just set to appear when you access your ivolunteer.com Home Page or on an ivolunteer.com Event page from Facebook.

Q. Can I Embed a Home Page or Event Signup Sheet on my website?

A. You can embed a Home Page or Event Signup Sheet using an iframe tag.  Here is a really simple example of an ivolunteer.com home page in an iframe tag:

<iframe src="http://myorganization.ivolunteer.com"></iframe>

The iframe tag has other options that you may review here.

Organization Administrator Login

(The YourID part of YourID.ivolunteer.com)