Q. What is the Database?

A. The database stores basic information about your volunteers such as their email address, name, street address, phone numbers, etc.  It can help you manage your volunteers by allowing you to record some extra information for each volunteer, create groups of volunteers, promote events to your volunteers and even restrict Event Tasks to select groups of volunteers.

Q. Who can access the Database?

A. Primary Administrators and Organization level Administrators have access to the Database.

Q. How do I populate my Database?

A. The easiest / best way is to let your volunteers do it.  Whenever someone signs up for an event they are automatically added to your database.  You can also manually add volunteers to the Database one at a time.

You can also bulk add volunteers to the Database.  To do this go into the Database menu | Participants tab and click on the Bulk Add button.  Here you can copy and paste info from a spreadsheet 50 volunteers at a time.  Then click on the Add button. 

Q. Can I use my Database to promote an Event or my Organization?

A. Yes, you can use iVolunteerOnline's powerful email capabilities to promote your Event or Organization to volunteers in your Database.  Simply select one or more of your Database Groups to send it to, select when you want to send it, and then author the email.  You are currently limited to five times the number of your subscription slot limit for promotional emails within your subscription.  E.g. 5 times 6,000 for one year would be 30,000 emails.

Q. What are Groups?

A. Groups are a way for you to organize your volunteers the way you want.  For example, you may wish to group volunteers by a skill set or a certification that they have, such as CPR certification. You could create a group titled "CPR Certified" that contains all of your volunteers who have completed CPR training.

Groups are easy to create and manage.  To see how to do this, check out our training video.

Q. What can I do with the Groups I create?

A. You can promote your organization or events by sending an email to one or several of your groups.  You can also use groups to restrict an event task.

Q. How can I set it up so that someone is added to a group when they sign up?

A. There are two custom prompt types that will assign a volunteer to a group: DATABASE_GROUP and DATABASE_GROUP_DEFINED.  Simply add one of these prompts to your event and the volunteer will be assigned.  The DATABASE_GROUP prompt allows volunteers to choose which group they should be in, and the DATABASE_GROUP_DEFINED prompt will automatically assign them to a group. 

Q. Can I add members to a group that were volunteers for certain past event(s)?

A. Yes.  After selecting the group, use the Add Members From Event(s) button and select all the events you wish to add members from.

Q. Can I see the events each volunteer has volunteered for?

A. Yes.  On the Participants tab, click on the More… button next to the volunteer's name you wish to look at.  Then click on "Activity" at the bottom of their information.  Here you can see all of the volunteer's activity within the organization, including dates, times, and event names they sign up for.

Q. I have someone in the database with 2 different email addresses, is there a way to combine the entries so that they are only using 1 email?

A. Currently no. This will be coming in a future release.

Q. When someone is removed from the database will all of the slots they signed up for also be canceled?

A. No they will still be signed up for any events they have confirmed.  A Cancel ability will be added in a future release.

 Q. I need to see extra information from my volunteers in my database. Where can I put this information?

A.  We have added the ability for you to add Custom Database Fields for your volunteers’ database entries. Your Database Fields are now managed in the Organization Menu > Settings tab in the Database sub-tab. Here you can see all database fields, their types, and you can now manage where they show up in your Organization. The button at the bottom of the page is “Add Custom Database Field”. These custom database fields can also be linked to Custom Prompts so that your volunteers fill out the information when they sign up. These can be used for Sports Teams, Nicknames, Registration status, Certification status, Titles, and much more.