Q. If people delete their confirmation email and want to cancel their slots, how do I get them the link again?

 A. You can use the Re-Send Confirmation Link email (found in the Reminders/Email tab of the Event) or you can re-send them a confirmation notification by clicking on their name in the Manage tab and clicking the Send Confirmation Notification button.

Q. How do Reminders/Thank you emails work?

 A. The two different ways to send reminders are to send them immediately or to schedule them.  You can schedule reminders to be sent relative to the task/slot dates.  For example, if the reminder is scheduled one day prior to the task slot, it will be sent out the day before the task is scheduled.

Q. How do I send out reminders and thank you emails?

 A. Log in as the Administrator, select an event, go to the Reminders/Email tab.  You can add scheduled reminders to happen before the task dates and thank you messages for when the task is over by clicking on the Schedule button.  Optionally, you can create a reminder to send now by clicking on the Send Now button.

Q.  How do I schedule Reminders and Thank You emails?

A.  To schedule an email for an event, go to the Event page and select the event you wish to schedule an email for and go to the Reminders/Email tab.  Click the Schedule button.  This will pull up your Organization Default email templates.  You can further edit them here.  When you're finished editing your templates, you can choose from the Schedule, Send Me a Test Email, Save Template, and Cancel buttons at the bottom of the template.

  • The Schedule button schedules the emails for the time set relative to the date of the slot that was volunteered for.
  • Send me a test email sends a test email to make sure all links, as well as the variables, are configured in a way you like.
  • Save Template allows you to save any changes made to the default template specific to your event.
  • The Cancel button cancels any changes made. The next time you click on the edit or schedule buttons on the Reminders/Email page, the template will revert back to the Organization Default.

Q.  Why are my scheduled emails not going out?

A.  Scheduled reminders and thank you emails work off the date that the slot is on, based off of the Task Date Option.  E.g. if you have a slot that is supposed to be on April 7th and you have a scheduled reminder set for one day in advance and a thank you one day after.  At midnight on April 6th the system will look in your event for any slots scheduled to start on April 5th and will send the reminder (or whatever template you have chosen) to all the volunteers currently scheduled for April 7th.  The same principle is applied to the Thank You emails.  On midnight on April 8th, the system will look for any slots that ended on April 7th and will send the thank you email to any volunteers currently in those slots.

To learn more about Task Date Options, click here for FAQs and here for a video.


Q. What is the fastest way to send an email (besides the standard reminder) to one event's group of volunteers?

 A. Signed in as the Administrator, click on the Reports tab and click on the Participants Report.  This will give you a list of all the volunteers for the events selected, as well as their email addresses.  You can then select those emails, copy and paste the addresses into the To field in your email program (or into the Bcc field, if you prefer to keep the recipients from seeing each others' email addresses).  Beware that if volunteers signed up for more than one shift, you may want to check and eliminate duplicate email addresses.  You can do this manually in your email program, or you can use Excel's Sort and Filter functions before you copy the addresses into Outlook.

Q. Is there a way to add additional information to reminders, such as "bring gloves?

 A. Yes, you can add additional information or instructions per event that will appear in the Confirmation and/or Reminder emails.  Select the event, go to the Settings tab | Emails sub-tab and modify the email messages you wish to change and save your changes.

Q. Why is a volunteer not receiving a confirmation email?

 A. The three most common reasons for email failure are:

  1. The volunteer provided a bad or misspelled address
  2. The email was delivered to a spam or junk-mail folder
  3. The volunteers retrieving email system is using an anti-spam product based on a challenge/response mechanism that iVolunteerOnline's automated email system cannot respond to.

If #1 is the case, please have your volunteer retry with the correct email address.  If #2 or #3 are the case, please try to configure your spam filter to not flag email form as spam.  One way to do this is by adding to your email system's white list.  FInally, you can also try using a different email address.  The iVolunteerOnline staff is constantly working to ensure the highest possible reliability of email delivery.

Q. Can we enter or confirm volunteers on their behalf and bypass email confirmations?

 A. Yes, the Manage tab for the selected event allows the administrator to add volunteers without needing the volunteer to confirm.  The administrator can also cancel volunteers on this tab.

Q. Is there a way to eliminate requiring email confirmations?

 A. Yes.  Under the Events page, in the Settings tab | Emails sub-tab, under the Volunteer Emails heading, there is a dropdown box with three options:

  • Confirmation Required Once
  • Confirmation Always Required
  • Confirmation Never Required

Selecting "Confirmation Never Required" will eliminate email confirmations.

NOTE: We do not recommend choosing "Confirmation Never Required" for normal use.