General Questions

Q. What is

A. is a volunteer scheduling software program designed for volunteer coordinators to help with the process of signing up volunteers for events. 

Q. How does it work?

A. An administrator designs a signup sheet for events that volunteers can access through a public link.  There, volunteers can sign up for positions or slots with a name and an email address.

Q. How reliable is

A. is hosted on dedicated servers in Amazon's high-end Elastic Compute Cloud. We do not share our servers or databases with any other organizations or other hosted services. Furthermore, because email is an important part of the volunteer confirmation process, we have partnered with a highly reliable email relay provider. For our customers, this means that Ivolunteer.comis fast, reliable and secure, and that volunteers receive emails as fast and reliable as possible.

Q. Does work equally on a Mac as well as a PC?

A. works well on Macs, PCs, Linux, iPads and Smart Phones (our own developers use Macs, PCs, and Linux!). While is optimized to work very well in most browsers for both volunteers and administrators, we recommend using Google Chrome for optimal performance for administrators when events get very large (e.g. 1,000+ volunteers).

Q. What web browsers are supported?

A. Volunteers can use just about any browser commercially available that supports javascript, including browsers on many mobile devices like the iPhone, Android and recent versions of Blackberry.  For administration of iVolunteerOnline, we recommend using current versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 9 or 10.  Google Chrome is our browser of choice and performs extremely well with large events. Chrome can be downloaded here. Internet Explorer 8 and older are NOT supported for administration of events needing more than about 1,000 volunteers.

Q. Is there online help?

A. We offer several resources to help you with, including our comprehensive Administrative Help and our growing list of video tutorials.

Q. Do you provide any training?

A. There is a growing list of training videos you can view here.

Q. How do I get additional help?

A. Please email questions to  You may also call our support number at 866.826.7926 (dial 2 for support).

Q. Can you tell me what organizations are running events I might volunteer for?

A. does not match volunteers to organizations that are running events.  We respect the privacy and security of our customer organization and we do not publicly share or advertise any event or volunteer information.  It is up to each organization to promote their events hosted on to their own pool of volunteers.

Q. What is your privacy policy?

A. We take privacy seriously. Here is a link to our policy

Q. Will you display third-party advertisements in my account or in my events?

A. No.

Q. Are volunteers' email addresses safe and private?

A. Volunteers' email addresses are only transmitted and visible to the user signed on as an Administrator, and are only used by the system to send system-generated confirmation emails. will never send unsolicited email or use or share your email addresses in any way. will never share, copy or review customers' databases other than to support technical problems or to backup the system.  

In addition, we expect our customers to extend this level of privacy to their volunteers by only using the information for the volunteering purposes for which it was intended.  We strongly encourage all of our customers to review and modify their Organization Privacy Statement (under Settings | General | Legal Statements) so that it is clear to volunteers what the Organization's intention is with keeping volunteers' information safe and private.

Q. Is my data backed up?

A. Yes.  The system is backed up to avoid a loss in the event of a system failure.  You can backup your own individual event information by running a Report or Exporting events to Excel.  Be sure to review this topic in the license agreement (available for review in the online checkout process) when you purchase

If you have deleted an event, click on the Restore button within 90 days after removing it to restore it to the state it was in when it was removed.

Q. How long does information stay in the system?

A. We currently retain all event structure and volunteer information at least five years for active accounts at least one year for inactive accounts, because some customers renew seasonally.

Q. Can one event span multiple days?

A. Yes.  Specify different start and end dates for your event.  Each task can then be assigned to a different date within the start and end dates.

Q. How can I disable slots that I don't need?

A. Edit the slot that you don't need and set the number of volunteers to zero (0).

Q. Are you working on any upgrades?  Will I receive the upgrades?

A. Yes, we expect to be working on upgrades as long as there are ways to make things easier for our customers.  Customers are upgraded automatically as new features become available.

Q. Is there some way to auto-fill information once someone has signed up for an event?

A. Auto-complete, which is on by default, allows a volunteer to just enter their email address when signing up for a slot.  The rest of their information, including any custom fields, is automatically filled.  This also works from the Administrator's side, by entering the email address of a volunteer, the rest of their information will be filled in.

Also on the Administrator side, you can add volunteers from your Database. To learn more about the Database, go here.