Home Pages

Q. What is a Primary Home Page?

A. When you first sign up to use iVolunteerOnline (either a free trial or a subscription) your organization is assigned a primary home page URL -- for example, http://myorganization.ivolunteer.com, the first part of the URL is the Unique ID you chose when you signed up.  The page at this URL can contain any future active events that are also not hidden, and a custom welcome message that you can modify with text, logos, or other images.  The Primary Home Page may not be removed  or disabled.

Q. What can I change on my Home Page?

A. You can change the Home Page Title, Visibility / Accessibility, Unique ID (not available on the Primary Home Page), Event Display Type, Event Sort Order, and the Welcome Message.

  • Home Page Titlethis is the title for your Home Page. E.g. "My Organization's Events."
  • Unique ID - is the extra part of the URL for accessing the Home Page only from the URL.  E.g. "http://myorganization.ivolunteer.com/myuniqueid."  You may not modify this for the Primary Home Page.
  • Visibility / Accessibility - how your home page will be accessed and how it will display.  Options are:
    • Tab alongside other Home Pages or URL - the home page will appear as a tab with any other home page that has this option.  IF there are no other home pages with this option no tab will be visible.  The page can also be accessed by its URL.  See Unique ID above.
    • Hidden - the Home Page may only be accessed by its URL
    • Disabled - the Home Page is not available for viewing.
  • Event Display Type - this defines how the events will be displayed on the page.  There are several display options available. 
  • Event Sort Order - How the events will sort on the page.
  • Welcome Message - The welcome message will appear at the top of your Home Page.  Customize this to welcome your potential volunteers.

Q. How do I edit my Home Pages?

A. As Primary Administrator or Organization Administrator click on the Organization menu | Home Pages tab.  Here you can add and edit Home Pages.

Q. How do I create a new Home Page?

A. Once you are viewing the Home Pages tab, click the Add Home Page button.

Q. How do I assign an event to a different Home Page?

A. You need to be the Primary Administrator, an Organization Administrator or an Event Administrator with Design Privileges to assign events to home pages.  With the event selected:

  • Click on the Details tab
  • Find the Show on Organization Home Page dropdown menu
  • Choose a Home Page for the event, make the event hidden, or click Select Multiple Home Pages to choose more than one Home Page you wish for the Event to show up on.

Q. When I link my organization or Event from Facebook, how can I get it to display my logo?

 A. If you set a logo for an event, that Event's logo will appear on Facebook.  To do this, sign in as an Administrator and select the relevant event.  Go to the Settings tab | Logo sub-tab.  Press Set Logo, then either type in a link to a logo hosted on your own website, or press Select to upload an image file from your computer.  Press Save after the logo is set.

If you set a logo for the Organization and there is no logo for the Event, then the Organization's logo will appear on Facebook.

IMPORTANT: Sometimes it can take more than 24 hours for a logo that you just set to appear when you access your iVolunteerOnline Home Page or on an iVolunteerOnline Event page from Facebook.

Q. Can I Embed a Home Page or Event Signup Sheet on my website?

A. You can embed a Home Page or Event Signup Sheet using an iframe tag.  Here is a really simple example of an iVolunteerOnline home page in an iframe tag:

<iframe src="http://myorganization.ivolunteer.com"></iframe>

The iframe tag has other options that you may review here