Signup Sheet Design

May 2, 2019

Q. Can I define one slot that signs up multiple volunteers?

 A. Yes.  In the Signup Sheet Design tab of the selected event, select the slot position and then modify the number of volunteers for that slot position.

Q. Can we display our logo on the sign-up sheet?

 A. Yes, you can add a logo already defined in the Organization or Event as the Organization Logo or the Event Logo. If you don’t already have an image defined for the Event, go into the Event Settings tab | Logo sub-tab and click on “Set Logo…”  Here you can input a URL to a website where your Logo is located, or you can click on Select to upload a new image from your computer.  Then you can use the variable [EVENT_LOGO] to place it on your Signup Sheet.

To add the Organization or Event Logo, go into the Signup Sheet Design tab and click on the Top Instructions button.  Then, in the Variables menu, select[ ORGANIZATION_LOGO] for the Organization Logo, or [EVENT_LOGO] for the Event Logo.

Q. How do I use Custom Prompts?  What do they do?

A.  Custom Prompts is a feature that allows you to define extra prompts that will be requested when a participant signs up for a slot.

To view the training video on how to create custom prompts, click here.

NOTE: Custom Prompts will appear after the required prompts Email, First Name, and Last Name.

Q.  I created a year-round event.  Is there a way to hide dates that already happened in the past?

A: Yes, you can hide tasks where all of the slots in the task happened in the past.  Slots that happened int he past will still be displayed in the same task with other current slots, but they will not have a Volunteer button.

 To make sure this works

  1. Under the Settings tab | Display sub-tab check the option “Hide old tasks.” Then press Save.
  2. You must put in the correct dates into the field designated for DATEs and NOT just in the text fields of headers.  Check the Task Date Option for each task.  If it is “Task is on one day” make sure the correct Task Date is provided.  If it is “Dates are in Column or Row Headers” make sure the correct date is put into the Date field of the relevant Column or Row headers.  If it is “Dates are in each Slot Position” make sure the correct date is put into the Date field of each slot.

To learn more about how dates work in ivolunteer.com, take a look at this video.

Q. How do I link directly to a task in my event?

To link a volunteer directly to a task they may be interested in, you can put the task’s number at the end of your URL like so: http://[myorganization].ivolunteer.com/myevent/3

This would link your volunteer directly to the third task in your event. However, if you have any hidden tasks, or tasks that have appeared in the past, this feature will work a little differently. If a task is hidden, you will not have access to it. For example if you have tasks “One”, “Two” and “Three” you would link directly to 2 by going /eventname/2 at the end of your URL. If Two is hidden, then /eventname/2 will then link to task “3”.

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