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custom fields

I have a custom field that is optional to fill in when a volunteer registers. I would like to have this field filled in if an administrator manually adds a person to the database. Is there a way to have this field show up in the pop-up box the administrator gets when adding to the database?

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database custom fileds

We also would like to have added data associated with each of our participants. Perhaps if there are more fields added similar to the notes but instead have them USER DEFINED fields that way each organization can label them for the contents that ware specific to their organization. For example for us the HIHGLAND FOOTBALL MOMS we need 5 more fields:
USER DEFINED 2 = Graduation Year
UDF 3 = Player #
UDF 4 = Parent 1
UDF 5 = Parent 2

Database custom fields

We are a school. We are also interested in user defined fields. In particular, we are interested in a unique ID that can be assigned to all individual "family" e-mails so we can group volunteer activity and run reports that aggregate all volunteer activity into one view. The field should not require the family to re-enter every time they sign up, and should not be able to be altered by the participant(s).

Custom Fields in the Database

Thanks for the feedback!  We already have plans to allow you to add custom fields to the database.  At this point we don't have a target release date.   These requests will help move this feature up in our queue.


Any updates? Do you have a

Any updates? Do you have a list of features you can publish for future release dates?

Thank you for commenting!Our

Thank you for commenting!

Our current top piorities are working on getting the payment interface and mobile features worked out. After we get those features ironed out, then we are planning on tackling the database enhancements. We are hoping to have customizable fields by the end of 2015, but there is the possibility that they will be out sooner. We appreciate your patience while we work to make your iVolunteerOnline experience the best we can!


Payment interface and mobile features

Can you say more about the general plans for the payment interface and mobile features? We are doing planning for the upcoming year and would like to hear more about what iVolunteer might be able to do in these two areas.

Re: Payment interface and mobile features

We are currently having customers test the ability to take payments from volunteers through signups. If you are interested in helping iVolunteerOnline test this, or would like more information, please email us at

We are also working on making our current mobile view even better, adding some features to optimize viewing and signup via mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. We hope to have these things ironed out and to be able to work on other improvements to iVolunteerOnline soon. 

Custom Fields in the Database

Any update on this? It would be valuable to have custom fields.

Re: Custom Fields in the Database

We have begun work to allow administrators to have custom fields in the database for information about their volunteers. We still do not have a release date for this feature at this time, though we hope to get it out by the end of this year. Thank you for your interest, suggestions, and participation with this feature! wants to make sure all our customers have a good experience with our product and hope that by adding these features we can make the process of running and organization and events easier for all volunteer coordinators.


Re: Custom Fields in the Database - New Feature!

Thank you for your suggestions and requests! is proud to announce that we have added the ability for you to add Custom Database Fields for your volunteers’ database entries.

Your Database Fields are now managed in the Organization Menu > Settings tab in the Database sub-tab. Here you can see all database fields, their types, and you can now manage where they show up in your Organization.

You can also use the button at the bottom of the page to “Add Custom Database Field”. These custom database fields can also be linked to Custom Prompts so that your volunteers fill out the information when they sign up. These can be used for Sports Teams, Nicknames, Registration status, Certification status, Titles, and much more.

If you have questions or need help getting your new custom database fields set up, please start a new thread in “General Questions / Issues” or contact us by email - - or phone (866)-826-7926.