Event Date Tabs

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Event Date Tabs

I have a 3 day event, for day 2 and 3 all the tasks and time slots are the same.

What I'd like to do is have tabs at the top for each day ( similar to the "Fall Soccer Tournament" sample exept that the tabs be dates instead of tasks)

That way people could just click on the tab for the day they want to sign up for, and the sign up sheet would not appear so "busy".

Is there a way to do this? I haven't find a way yet.

Thank you.

Task Titles and Functions

We use Tasks as a catch-all term for the tabs you create in the Signup Sheet Design tab of your event when you are creating it. While generally we find most people use the Tasks to denote certain jobs throughout the course of their event, many people use those same tabs to represent days, weeks, or even months during the length of their event.

To create an event with Tasks that represent days, you can change the Task Title of the event to represent the name of the day of the week, or to the date of the day you want your volunteers to show up for. Then you will want to make sure your Task Date Option is set to "Task is on one day" with the correct date entered into the field next to the dropdown menu. This field will appear once the correct Task Date Option is selected.