filling in volunteer spots without email addresses?

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filling in volunteer spots without email addresses?


The lead of one of our events has given me his list of volunteer requirements, and also has many of the spots filled, but as of yet I do not have their email addresses, so cannot 'manage' and fill in the filled spots.

However, I do want to get the spots into the system for a number of reasons.

Is there a way to fill in names without email addresses?

One workaround I see is using my email address as a temporary fix.

Of course, ultimately I do want the email addresses, as we will want to be able to send emails to these people.



Re: filling in volunteer spots without email addresses


While it is required that all volunteers entered must be entered with an email address, you can use your own email address as a temporary workaround. You can always update their volunteer slot in the Manage tab once you have the volunteer's email address by selecting their name and editing their information.

You can also refrain from scheduling or sending any emails from your event until after your volunteers have the correct email addresses attached to their names. This way, you won't be getting emails on the behalf of your volunteers before they've been properly signed up with their email addresses.


Thanks, Michelle.

Thanks, Michelle.
You guys are great at responding to questions, by the way!
I love iVolunteer!!