How to include Custom Prompt in Notification Email messages

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How to include Custom Prompt in Notification Email messages


We use Custom Prompts and would like to include their value in the Notification message sent to the admin.

Custom prompts don't not appear in the dropdown list of variables. Is it possible to include prompts in emails and what is the syntax?

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Custom Prompts and the My Commitments Page


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While there is no way to list the custom prompt values in the email, you can send your participants the URL to their commitments page. The participant's "My Commitments" page is where they can review the information about the event and slot they have signed up for with your organization, including the custom prompts they filled out when signing up. To add the link to this page, you can use the variable [PARTICIPANT_URL]. This will generate their unique link to their page that they can visit at any time by accessing this URL or by clicking on the "My Commitments" link at the top of our home page, or by clicking the button that says "My Commitments" at the bottom of every signup sheet and home page.