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Integrated Survey

Our volunteer program relies heavily on volunteer feedback and as such I am wondering if you plan on integrating any sort of survey platform? We also use what data we collect to justify the program and seek funding. At the moment we are using a third party such as survey monkey to sen a link to participants. I would be great to be able to set up a survey via your platform and send that post event to all participants. Thanks!

Integrated Survey

Right now we do not have plans to integrate with a survery platform. I know we have customers using 3rd party solutions and will add your vote for an integrated survey to our feature request list. Of course the solution we like to recommend is to create an event with custom terminology and prompts to serve as your feedback page; link to it in your "thank you" email that goes to volunteers.


  • name the event something like "My Event Feedback"
  • under Settings > Display > set Terminology to "Give Feedback" slot needed display (for both everyone and confirmed participants) to "None"
  • under Settings > Prompts > add some NUMERIC or DROPDOWN prompts asking for a 1 to 5 rating on various questions, etc.
  • under Signup Sheet Design create a single task and slot with "500 needed"