Is it possible to create a complete archive of our Ivolunteer site?

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Is it possible to create a complete archive of our Ivolunteer site?

Hi Folks,

Our bi-annual event has ended. Ivolunteer, as usual, was a tremendous help. We plan to let this site/account go dormant until needed again in two years. We want to create an archive. Is there a way to neatly package everything (Organization, Events, and Database) so that we can store it off-site? We want to be able to include all files, settings, events, sign-up sheet designs, email templates, activity logs, database, etc. Ideally, we would just like to press a button and have a .zip file created that had everything we needed in it. Though an option to include/remove the database or perhaps just Personally Identifiable Information might be nice.

If not available, please add it to the Requested Enhancements.

With appreciation,
-Dan Snyder (;;

saving or archiving an account

Hi Dan,

By default, accounts remain active for a year even when subscriptions end. If you log into the account even once, it will reset the year from the date of the login. On top of that we do not actually delete the account for a year after it becomes disabled, so we can reactivate it for you during that extended time.

Although we don’t have an “archive” feature for export, the Reports that are “optimized for Excel” in both the Database and the Organization/Events can be used to create something close for the participant information (Database Participants Report), the event structure (Detailed Report) and activity log report. For event settings, sign-up sheet designs, and email templates, you would only be able to save by taking screen shots and/or by copy/paste.