Mixed dates problem

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Mixed dates problem

I am coordinating a vacation bible school event. We have 3 days that are specific dates and the volunteers sign up for them. However I the tasks that happen during the week of VBS are for each day of that week. I need the same person to do the task for all five days.

I put the two training days with "Dates are the in column headers" and volunteers can sign up for one or both.
I put the clean up day as "Task is on one day" and there is only one slot.

This is good. However my week of camp tasks can only be put as "Task spans event dates" and this is not accurate.
I would love to be able to use ivolunteer to create my sign in sheets for each day and then record who signed in and out so I can use your reports when the youth volunteers need us to check their hours of service but since the event span prevents me from having those 5 days slotted for them I'm stuck.

In the past I've kept my paper and have to do the math on the fly.

I could create a slot for each day but I need the same person to work that job all 5 slots and that's just a booger to manage. It's hard enough to get them to sign up for the training day AND a camp week task.

Please advise.

Let me make sure that I

Let me make sure that I understand what you need to do for the 5 days of camp, and address each need:

  • You need volunteers to sign up in advance for one or more specific tasks they will show up within a variable time frame to perform each day for 5 days.
    • If you select "task spans event dates" you can then describe this requirement under More Task Options > Task Instructions. If you schedule any reminder emails it would use the event's first day as the relative day to go out. Alternatively you can select "task in on one day" set it to the first of the 5 camp days, and uncheck "show task date." Looking at your event, it looks like this is what you have done.
  • You want to track the hours that a volunteer actaully shows up to work over the course of the 5 days.
    • Currently the hours are tied either to a time span for slots within tasks or a number of hours that you can override for each task (under Signup Sheet Design > Edit Slot). ... Each volunteer that signs up for a slot is going to be given the number of hours set on that slot as long as they are signed-in (since you have attendnace tracking turned on under the Sign-in tab).
    • We currently do not have a "sign out" feature that woud vary the number of ours worked on a per-volunteer basis. That is on our requested features list.
    • If you don't need to track a variable number of hours per-voluneter per-day (i.e. just track the fixed hours assigned for a slot), then you could accomplish tracking sign-ins for each day by duplicating the task for each of the 5 days, and making 4 of them hidden (under More Task Options > Show or Hide on Signup Sheet set to Hide Task). Then have an administrator add each individual who signed up for the one visible task to the same position in each of the hidden tasks. Then they will appear on the sign-in sheets, both the printed report and under the sign-in tab. ... If I were doing this with your event, I might consolidate the camp task tabs (e.g. games, crafts, etc.) on to a single task with additional rows (e.g. games: Adult Leaders, games: Youth Leaders, crafts: Adult Leaders, etc.) since that one task tab would be copied/hidden 4 times. ... I realize that it does seem like there should be an easier way to do this, but for now that's what I can come up with, other than manual sign-in sheets and tracking hours within Excel. I will add the sceanrio to the requested features in case we can come up with something better in the future.