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Mobile View

We started work this year on mobile friendly view that will allow your volunteers to easily use their phones and tablets to signup and manage their volunteering.  iVolunteerOnline has always been tested on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android).  Even though it works on mobile devices it's not always ideal to use an application that was orginally designed for a desktop browser.  For example: fingers are bigger than mouse pointers which can make navigation within the application tricky.  The mobile view fixes this.

How the Mobile View will Work

When someone navigates to one of your events on a mobile device they will be greated with a view that's optimized for their device (phone or tablet).  Here is a sneak peek:

Phone Views

Mobile Phone: Volunteer Page Mobile Phone: Task Selected Mobile Phone: Volunteer

Tablet Views

Tablet: Volunteer Page

Tablet: Task Selected

Tablet: Volunteer

Ultimately if the user decides that they want to use the full version on their device they can easily switch using the link in the icon in the lower right corner.

We expect to have this available sometime in the 2nd half of 2014