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Name Tags

Is it possible to put additional information on name tags? I would like to include the organization the volunteers are with on the name tag but i can't figure out how or if it is possible.

Including Custom Fields on Name Badges

The Name Badge report currently lets you choose from the following fields:

  • Event Name
  • Participant First Name
  • Participant Last Name
  • Task Name (i.e. the text title on task tabs)
  • Event Logo
  • Participant Title (i.e. the text under Settings > Display > Participant Title)

If you need to include something more such as a value from a custom prompt on name badges, you can run the same Name Badges report with the Excel format selected, and then use Microsoft Word to create a custom label as follows:

In your account:

  1. Go to the Reports tab, select Name Badges, the Excel format, and run the report. It will download an Excel file.

In Microsoft Word:

  1. Go to the Mailings tab.
  2. From the Start Mail Merge menu choose Labels. Select the label product that you are using (e.g. 5390).
  3. From the Select Recipients menu choose Use An Existing List. Select the Excel file that was downloaded above (it's most likely in your Downloads folder).
  4. Select the NameBadges sheet if prompted.
  5. From the Insert Merge Fields menu choose the field(s) that you want on the label. Format the font, size and spacing within the first label as you like. ... Custom Prompts from your event should appear as choices in this list. If you need to add field(s) from your database that are not already there, edit the event under Settings> Prompts, add Custom Prompts and select to link them to the appropriate database fields.
  6. When you get the first label as you like it, press the Update Labels icon. Press Preview Results and use the arrows to preview the rest of the page(s).
  7. From the Finish & Merge menu, select an appropriate option to finish and print your labels.
Good news! We added the

Good news! We added the option to include a Custom Prompt Value on the PDF format of the Name Badge report. So if you include an organizaton's name as a custom prompt then it can easily appear on the PDF Name Badge report. Either add the organization name as prompt that the volunteer's provides when they sign up, or it is possible to back-fill it from the database if you add the custom prompt to an event linked to the database field.