No email confirmation required with invites

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No email confirmation required with invites

I don't know if this is possible now since I haven't yet upgraded my account: but is it possible to have the verification email include a customized invite so that the participant doesn't have to click an email confirmation to confirm their signup as long as he or she follows the original email? I understand there are reasons this may not be desirable (e.g. an email forward) but it would be a nice option to have.

Customizing Email Verification

The email verification serves two key purposes, (1) to confirm that a potential volunteer is legitimate and (2) to validate the email address.

By default, email verification is required one time (per device). A confirmed volunteer can sign up for additional slots without having to verify again. The content of the verification email can be customized under Events > Settings > Emails > Email Verification Template. You can disable the verification step by setting Email Verification Mode to Never, although we do not recommend that.

The content of the Confirmation Notification email can also be customized. This email is sent to the volunteer immediately after they confirm. If they sign up for additional slots within a short time frame, they will not receive the Confirmation Email again unless you check the box "always send Confirmation Notification to participant." 

Typically the Verification email and the Confirmation Notification email would contain nearly idential content, but you can customize them however best suits your needs.