Notes field added to reports dumped to Excel

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Notes field added to reports dumped to Excel

We would like to request that the Notes field be added to the following reports when dumped to Excel:

- One Slot Per Row (Optimized for Excel)

- Sign In Sheet (Optimized for Excel)

We are interested in adding either a unique family ID, or data regarding whether the individual volunteering has passed our Safe Environment training. This information is for administrative purposes and not for the end user's view.

Notes Field, Excel Reports

While we do not currently offer the ability for the Notes field to be added to either of these reports, you can view the entries of the Notes field in the Database Reports: Database Participants Report and the Participation Report (found in the Database Menu > Reports tab). The Sign-In Sheet report also allows you to choose an option for showing the Custom Prompts of the event(s) you are running the report on.

I have added this suggestion to our list of possible considerations for future updates to iVolunteerOnline. We appreciate your feedback!