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We also would like to have added data associated with each of our participants. Perhaps if there are more fields added similar to the notes but instead have them USER DEFINED fields. that way each organization can label them for the contents that are specific to their organization. For example for us the HIGHLAND FOOTBALL MOMS we need 5 more fields:
USER DEFINED 2= Player Number
USER DEFINED 3= Graduation Year
USER DEFINED 4= Parent 1

Thanks for your consideration!

We are planning to add this at some point

Thank you for the feeback!

We are planning to implement custom fields for the database.  Not sure exactly when that will be yet but this request will help move this feature up in the queue.


Custom-defined participant fields

When is this enhancement likely to be released?

Re: Custom-defined participant fields

We don't have a release date for this enhancement just yet. We will be working on it soon and will let administrators know when it will be available. We appreciate your patience and thank you for using iVolunteerOnline for your signup needs!


Participant Data Fields


We are also interested in user defined fields.

In particular, our volunteers need to be pass safety training and fingerprint checks before being approved to volunteer. In addition to adding custom fields where we could input this information, we are looking for a way to display a popup message for particular e-mails when they attempt to sign up, notifying them that they have not completed these steps and that they are blocked from volunteering until these steps are complete.

We have put this message *everywhere* (on our main pages, on-screen at signup, in confirms, etc), yet we still have people sign up who haven't done their due diligence.

Use Groups

We are planning to add custom data fields in the near future (within the next 3-6 months).

However, there is a feature currently available that should do exactly what you want to do.  It's called Database Groups.

Basically what you would do is something like this: define 2 groups, one called 'Safety Training' and one called 'Finger Print Checks' (or whatever works for you).  Add all the participants that need to be in these groups.  Then you can limit who is eligible to sign up for a particular task by group.  I won't get into all the details here but everything you need should be outlined in these videos:

Additionally we have some custom prompts you can use to help you move people into groups when they sign up.  If you have any questions or need more information our support staff would be more than happy to walk you through setting everything up.  Just email us at


Re: Participant Data Fields - New Feature!

Thank you for your suggestions and requests! is proud to announce that we have added the ability for you to add Custom Database Fields for your volunteers’ database entries.

Your Database Fields are now managed in the Organization Menu > Settings tab in the Database sub-tab. Here you can see all database fields, their types, and you can now manage where they show up in your Organization.

You can also use the button at the bottom of the page to “Add Custom Database Field”. These custom database fields can also be linked to Custom Prompts so that your volunteers fill out the information when they sign up. These can be used for Sports Teams, Nicknames, Registration status, Certification status, Titles, and much more.

If you have questions or need help getting your new custom database fields set up, please start a new thread in “General Questions / Issues” or contact us by email - - or phone (866)-826-7926.